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49ers next on dynasty week

NFLN will be featuring the Niners on dynasty week all next week.
Thanks for the update.

I think I missed Path to the Draft covering the Niners.

Is there a link or do they repeat these?
seahawks get a 1 hour americas game episode. 49ers get a dynasty week.
Man i need to see that, post the link here
I wondered when our week would be up since they're doing it in a random order. 60s Packers, 00s Patriots, 70s Packers, now 80s 49ers. Of course that leaves the 90s Cowboys
Twenty years late
I know this is a topic that's probably been beaten to death, but I feel that if we were able to win at least one more in the 90s, you wouldn't hear just "80s 49ers"

Dallas won three in the decade, but overall the 49ers were still very good to great in the 90s (except 1999).
Thanks for the heads up - getting the DVR set up now. It's pretty clear cut that throughout the history of the league, the NFL "Mt. Rushmore" franchises are: Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Dallas, and San Francisco. The Niners, in addition to the Super Bowl wins, have the most consecutive 10-win seasons (16, from the early '80s to the late '90s) and their record of 18 straight road wins in the late '80s is remarkable and might never be broken.
Originally posted by crabman82:
seahawks get a 1 hour americas game episode. 49ers get a dynasty week.

Was just going to ask when they were having the Seahack dynasty week? One hour you say? Pretty quick week!
Finally NFLN will pay tribute to the greatest f**king dynasty in football history. I'm not biased or anything.

I looked ahead on directv, and in addition to all the usual Super Bowl stuff (highlights/America games), they are also showing the complete games of '81 NFC title game, the '98 wildcard vs GB, '02 wildcard vs NyG and the '11 divisional vs NO. I'm in the central time zone so they are being shown 1-4 in the afternoon central.
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The '82 NFC Championship game is on. I can't help but to think what if this site existed then? For those that don't know, Joe Montana did not have a great game (to say the least).
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Has the 1994 NFC Championship game ever been re-aired in its entirety?

I have great memories of the 1998 and 2002 wild card games, but it would've been nice to see round 3 vs Dallas.
So much for doing anything this week.
Just watched us beat Dallas - "The Catch" NEVER gets old.

I remember exactly where I was, at the Beer Garden in Squaw Valley yelling and screaming w/my buds.
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