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49ers re-sign Chris Cook

This guy know's how to choke a b***h would make Wayne Brady proud
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Called it. Just wish I had been more concrete in my thread about CBs. Didn't give him enough credit because I think he is such a head case. But ultimately we had visits with 2 of the 4 I mentioned and signed 1 of them. Go me. /self-promotion

But we could still sign Thurmond and draft a high end CB w/ this signing in mind.
Originally posted by MTninerfan:
Haha wow I don't really understand this move! There is a difference between competition and good competition to win the starting spot! Heck if they just wanted more bodies present who played CB at one time, I would have done it for a plane ticket and a shirt! I hope they bring in thurmond too or already have a plan in place to draft a CB with some talent.

because ANY competition is GOOD
Originally posted by Niners99:
Originally posted by Disp:
Hmm isn't this dude pretty terrible?

yes, he is. We basically just replaced Parrish Cox with....Parrish Cox.

Hopefully we still sign Thurmond.

This is exactly it. He's additional camp competition and depth if he makes the team.

On the good side, what nobody has mentioned, is that this signing might be further proof we'll be going to a more press look next year. We'll have Brock, Culliver, Wright and Cook to start things of. All physical and aggressive CB's up at the LOS. This is contrary to Brown/Rogers where much off-coverage was employed. It also means that Thurmond still may be an option here as they look to a nickle/dime/slot CB to compete with Morris. And naturally, it may trigger a bigger, more physical CB with our #1 draft pick as well.

PS: I think Baalke has seen enough of our little CB's getting smoked over the years in big games. Plus, if we play more (successful) press, it's closer to what Bethea has played @ SS and will free up Reid, Seattle-style.
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smh people overreacting to a one year vet minimum deal.

He might not even make the 53.
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Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN

If CB Chris Cook makes team, it means he's better than some others who go to 49ers training camp. If he's not as good, he gets cut. Simple.
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Don't really like this move.
Hopefully, Thurmond is still in play. Come on, Trent, open the wallet a little and let's get this done. Stop wasting time and $ on guys that will probably not make the final 53.
Originally posted by Jcool:
Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN

If CB Chris Cook makes team, it means he's better than some others who go to 49ers training camp. If he's not as good, he gets cut. Simple.

No time for this. We're way too busy overreacting.
This guy is the equivalent to the smell of warm garbage...
Guys, we can sign who we want, we will cut or restructure who we need in order to keep the best 53 around. Our salary cap situation is pretty good and we have some flexibility. We won't break the bank in FA but if we really want someone and they're willing to come in at a price we like, we will pull the trigger. We have a great FO.
Hi guys, Viking fan here. Not on here to trash talk or anything, just wanted to thank you for taking Cook off our hands. In my many years of watching Vikings football, he was the worst player I have watched. I honestly doubt he makes your team because you guys have a good team. Who knows perhaps it was our system, but he never did well in it. Good Luck with this upcoming year, I was pulling for you guys last season!
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Eric Wright will beat him out guaranteed!!!!
At very least hes 6'2, 212 lbs with 4.4 speed.

Didnt help him in Minny, but maybe we can do something with it?

Im slightly less disgusted with this signing after finding out hes got some size/speed. If we sign Thurmond then im fine with it.