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49ers re-sign Chris Cook

Originally posted by Niners99:
Pro Football Focus had him ranked as the 95th best CB statistically for last season.

Thurmond was ranked 31st.

I doubt this affects us possibly signing Thurmond
It's gotta be for the minimum.
Originally posted by niner4ever12:
he will get his first interception with us! you heard it here first!

It is 4+ years in the making.
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meh won't even make the team
Some rumors saying we offered Thurmond a one year contract worth 2 mil, don't think it's that appealing for him. Cook can always be cut guys, I'm sure the 3 year 10 mil offer to Brown is still on the table, in spite of this signing.
Bargin Bin again?!
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Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows

Signing Chris Cook appears very similar to the Perrish Cox, Eric Wright deals in recent seasons -- low risk for the #49ers. #skynotfalling
Haha wow I don't really understand this move! There is a difference between competition and good competition to win the starting spot! Heck if they just wanted more bodies present who played CB at one time, I would have done it for a plane ticket and a shirt! I hope they bring in thurmond too or already have a plan in place to draft a CB with some talent.
We have some serious head cases at corner back but they have some talent and Donatelli is the best secondary coach in the NFL maybe.
Meh. I'd be surprised if he makes the final roster.