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The Power Struggle

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Originally posted by theduke85:
I'm not really sure what I believe.

Baalke coming out and saying, "Jim and I work well together" doesn't really mean a whole lot.

Jed York spoke today. He thinks that there is and has been tension between Baalke and Harbaugh at time. He also clearly indicated that he thinks that they work well together and he does not think that this tension is a negative.

I got the very clear impression, a bit to my surprise, that Jed York is really the man in charge.
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Originally posted by Disp:
You can never be proven wrong when you cite "unnamed sources" and use non-concrete words like a team being "interested" or "inquiring". You had Baalke, York, and Harbaugh all go on record saying the reports were untrue about Harbaugh nearly being traded to Cleveland, yet Florio continued to bang on his unnamed sources drum and called all 3 of them liars.

I figure at least one of his sources is Tim Kawakami. The harbaugh can't get along/looking for new job has been that guys narrative since Jim's first year here. I think it was just low hanging fruit for florio make niners look bad and continue to celebrate his man crush Pete Carroll and all things Seattle.
no one is even gonna remember this b******t by this time next year, cause Harbs and Kap will have new contracts and their facebook profiles will have pictures of them and Baalke holding a Lombardi together.

move along, folks, nothing to see here.
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