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Will Lattimore Bury Hunter In Depth?

Will Lattimore Bury Hunter In Depth?

I know there is a Lattimore thread but I think this is a great question. There's been alot of hype of Lattimore and taking the league by storm, but I don't see him taking Hunter's role. Lattimore is taller and more of a power back, including the fact that Hunter has already been here for 3 years going into his 4th season.

I expect Lattimore to assume Dixon's place for now and put him in on short yardage situations. Lattimore will probably have a 250-350 yard season
However I do believe Lattimore is the future!
I swear I was just about to post a thread about this. Harbaugh made some positive comments about Lattimore and Baalke has continued to say that he wants a 3 headed monster at the RB position.

Based on this and the fact that Latt is similar in style/size to Gore (as compared to Hunter/LMJ). I think the staff view Hunter (and to an even lesser extent LMJ) as change of pace/scat backs, Lattimore was drafted to be the future starter.

The staff would be blind not to see that riding Gore they way they have wore him down later in the year, finally having an every down back guy like Latt will mean they finally actually start to share the carries a bit.

Hunter didn't get much run last year, I don't think that will necessarily change this upcoming season but i think he's still in the plans long term, when Gore leaves, I think he will play a lot more behind Latt.
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I really hope they don't forget about Hunter this year. I think the guy has the capability of being an every down back, and was horribly underused this past year. I know it won't be a popular opinion, but I'd rather have Hunter as more of the feature back this coming season over Gore because he's just so explosive, has outstanding ball security, and his pass protection has developed very well. If there's one back that should get the short end of the stick it's LMJ.

Not gonna lie; I'm gonna be pretty mad if they let him walk in free agency or trade him. I think on a lot of other teams without such a crowded backfield the dude would be a star.
I don't want to see Lattimore running different runs than gore. That has always been an issue with hunter and LMJ. when they are in the game, everyone knows what is coming.
We will get our answer during preseason.
No point trying to project what Lattimore's role (if any) will be right now because he has yet to ever take a snap with other NFL players. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being Gore's replacement next year, and I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being cut in favor of Jewel Hampton by the end of the pre-season.
Don't care just want the best player out there.
If he is fully healthy he maybe can. There is also the possibility he never fully recovers or becomes the player we hoped for. He hasn't played a down in the NFL and did not play his first year at all. Who knows what he can be or not?
He gonn' sink hiz balls up to the hilt...
If there is too much talent at RB ...someone will eventually get traded....all 4 of our RB's can be serviceable for any team in the league , releasing any of them would be like throwing away money , I could see Hunter being traded on draft day, even though I would hate to see him leave ...we cant use 4 RB's on game day, so something has gotta give

Jewel Hampton will surprise everyone. Watch...
I'm not sure bury is the right word, but Marcus is a supremely talented RB and could become the #2 guy on the depth chart. He's got size over Kendall, whom I like and respect a lot. BL: it's a very nice potential problem for Harbaugh.
Originally posted by NCommand:
Jewel Hampton will surprise everyone. Watch...

I've always liked the guy.
Yes I expect him to pass Hunter on the depth chart.
Originally posted by NCommand:
Jewel Hampton will surprise everyone. Watch...

I agree he has talent but he's been on the PS for a reason, he's already led the NFL in preseason rushing yards b4 and ended up not making the 53 nor being plucked by any other team in the NFL. With Gore, Lattimore, Hunter and LMJ (who will be on the 46 as the return man now remember) there simply isn't room for Hampton.
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