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What one thing excites you the most about next seasons 49er team?

What one thing excites you the most about next seasons 49er team?

I tried to list as many things that will change next season that we are sure of, since we don't know who the team will draft I left that out as an option, obviously we're all excited about a new influx of talent from the draft in a very deep class with a lot of picks.

Personally I'm torn, I love Kaepernick and I think of him as the LeBron of QBs in terms of his physical talent/potential. I'm also very excited for Lattimore, it's time to start rotating the RB position and I think Latt could take our run game to the next level while finally keeping Gore fresh for the playoffs. Tank IMO is a future star and you can never have too many pass rushers.

The loss of Culliver I think was underestimated or at least it wasn't talked about much during the season, he was on his way to being a starter and potential star, our DB needs some help and it would be huge if he can pick up where he left off. Like everyone I'm sick of Goodwin, glad he's gone, thanks for your service but I'm looking forward to Kilgore hoping he can improve the center spot and the rest of the OL as a whole. And of course, I love Bowman and I hope he's back before mid-season and returns to pre-injury form.
Kap finally learning how to throw a fade
Lattimore. I REALLY want to see this dude run behind our OL.
Originally posted by Furlow:
Lattimore. I REALLY want to see this dude run behind our OL.

Same here, I really hope Harbaugh/Roman utilize him and don't play Gore 70-80% of the time again, he needs the rest even if he's better than Lattimore this year.
All of the above, including how our draft class performs, who we end up losing in the off-season, and how the team comes together for the new season.
Levis Stadium
More viable receiving targets and an expanded passing game.
Kap n Q
seattle having to finally pay market value for some of their players
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Levis Stadium

Damn, I should have made that an option

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Kap's improvement as a QB.
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Levis Stadium

Forgot about that
Navarro Bowman ! I can see him coming back in late November ! I GIVING us a push for the playoffs ! Like lets go! Step up "D" HOME GAME COME BACK !
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Not sure CK can grow in this offense but how can Lattimore not be the most exciting player going into next season esp. given how he's almost 100% right now! And our entire offense hinges on running the ball.
Noticeable growth from the passing attack as a whole. Expansion of philosophy including personnel development aside from O linemen as well as a more advanced approach to attacking via the pass. Tired of just 'hittem in da mowf'. Looking for a boxers mentality more then a punchers luck.
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