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If it comes down to it, who would you rather have?

If it comes down to it, who would you rather have?

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No... In no way is that even remotely true.

Really? Every time a coach wins in this league he is hailed as a genius. How many geniuses can there possibly be? Truth is most of these guys don't win the big games without exceptional talent. John Fox has no business coaching a record setting offense. That was all Manning. Pete Carroll has run his defensive scheme for decades. Never was dominant without the group of players he has now.

They all have decades worth of experience, gameplanning, drawing up X's and O's. There is not a lot they haven't seen or can be fooled by. The difference between most of these guys is getting the right players who can execute the gameplan. Guys who play fast, physical, and smart.

No one was saying Tom Coughlin was a genius after winning two Superbowl's in NY. No one called Mike Tomlin a genius. I have yet to hear John Harbaugh and genius used in the same sentence. Some think Tony Dungy is a great coach but never called a genius. John Fox isn't coaching recording breaking offense, seems the offensive coordinators are getting the credit since Mike McCoy is now a head coach and Adam Gase had some offers this off season.

To be far to Caroll he did have 5 top 10 defenses (points) in the NFL, including a #1 defense with the 49ers in 1995, before his run the last 3 years.

True. I just don't think we can choose one over the other. Losing Harbaugh or Baalke would be a massive fail. You need good, talented people in the organization. I don't think either one is "irreplaceable", by why replace them at all? They're good at what they do.
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Exactly! Cowboys and Redskins are examples of teams that have very talented players and a sorry head coach. Look at the turnaround the Chiefs made after hiring Andy Reid.

The flip side look at how good coaches do without talent, they suck to. While finding a good coach is hard to do always having the talent on hand is hard to do also. Pitsburgh, while they are suffering a little, since they won their first SB, has had one of the most consistent FO people in place and while coaches have change, they have alway been competitive. Same with the Giants, while other teams with revolving front office have langered in either obscurity or mediocrity.

A good case in point is Pete Carol- he is not really a good coach, remember when he was a niner coach-fans hated him and his D. He did put together a good staff just like he did at USC, and bailed when he saw things going south. JH will be like that, he will bail when the talent goes south, just in time to say see what happens when I am gone. It is all about balance. JH has put together a good staff which ownership could keep and lock them up - like Fangio. JH can't take them with him if the niners say no and they are under contract.

We could end up like the jets 3 conference championship appearances and then go south cause the offense couldn't match the D. However, I do think they will come around.
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I remember DAL beating us in 92 and 93 with a more talented team Seifert was our coach. In 94 we sold out for even more talent and beat DAL. Seifert was coach. Then DAL with Switzer as coach beat us with Jimmy's talent. Then with Jimmy a couple seasons removed they never won again because the new GM Jerry wasn't good enough. Talent acquisition is critical as well as coaching. Now again DAL went 13-3 with Parcells talent in 2007 but once the talent eroded and they never saw that success again because the new GM Jerry wasn't as good as Bill the guy that acted as GM prior to. Talent matters as well as coaching
With this current unit, we gotta have Harbs. Now that he has straightened them up he could move on after making an impact to the players, but Harbs got these players on the same page.
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