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Illegal hits, Whitner, and the 49ers

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Look at all of Whitner's hits that were flagged this year at least 75% were legal. The refs had it out for him ever since he knocked out saints rb

How many yards were given away over this bs?

At this point we shouldn't even measure in yards given away, but games given away..

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I hate that Seattle is being glorified for the same thing other teams (like us) got penalized for. Watch the hits on that video, and then go back and look at hits all throughout the league that were flagged. There really is no difference in a lot of cases. That hit from Chancellor was no different than Whitner's hit on Steven Jackson, but because it looked worse, he got flagged.

The league really needs to look at reviewing these types of plays.

Exactly, but what do we do in the mean time? Wait till the league comes around and we keep losing our opportunities? I mean this video shows that Seattle found a way to make plays without getting the flag. Whitner's "bad boy" talk about changing his name and all didn't do anything. If we are gonna win in this league then we have to find a way to get past the "big hit" culture and just go for the tackle or the ball.

And why can't we have both like Seattle and Carolina? Its not either or imo. WE DEF NEED A BIG HITTER in the NFC WEST as a physical and intimadating defense! Were not in the AFC, We just need to HIT BIG and wrap up like Seattle did in the playoffs. Those big hits early are why Denver WR wouldn't cross the middle, got off their routes, combined obviously with the ability to tackle in space and wrap up. But we NEED to hit big, wrap up by others like gang tackling ballhawks.
I'm not buying this vid... The Hawks were holding the Niner receivers beyond the 5 yard mark the entire game (NFC title game) and throughout the regular season, they were one of the dirtiest teams in the NFL. They may have cleaned up their act in the playoffs (slightly) but I'm not buying they were "clean"...

IMHO, the NFL just wanted to show that Seattle was legit (perhaps because of the video which came out last week showing how much the refs blew it in the NFC title game) so they make a vid showing some of the Hawks' good PLAYS....not all of the plays mind you....only the good ones.

This doesn't prove a damn thing, except perhaps, that the NFL is trying to cover its own ass.
I like guys like Whitner on the team.Not saying i would want the whole secondary like that.. but you need a guy that lays the Big hit. puts fear in WRs worried about where he might be. Crabtree got gator arms on a slant pass against Seattle because he knows what their guys do. Whitner clearly made big hits that were legal but received a flag anyways. You cant blame Whitner for due to a refs bad judgment.
Please some of hits where completely legal and the way this is going we might as well watch tennis,lol
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