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Who would you resign Crabtree or Iupati ?

Who would you resign Crabtree or Iupati ?

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Originally posted by btthepunk:
People need to get over his rookie year holdout. That's ancient history now.

I'd pick Crabtree over Iupati ten out of ten times.

So would I but I can't ignore history or my knowledge of the way agents work.
Always take the proven skill player. Yes, the lines are important but out luck with finding good receivers hasn't been as good.
Re-sign both to the league minimum
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We get our passing game going we wouldn't have to rely on running every down. I would have to go with Crabs.
Originally posted by 49ers559:
There is a wr like Crabtree in the draft Kelvin Benjamin 6,5 242 pounds check him out he is bigger then Crabtree and taller then crabtree he reminds me of Calvin Johnson

Crabtree was a much more polished route runner coming out of college then Benjamin is. Benjamin is pretty raw. It takes a couple of years for a WR to learn the route tree and develop timing with the QB. Not to say rookie WRs can't come in and contribute right away, but they are far from finished products their first year. Crabtree is a finished product. For a team built to win right now, you don't replace your best WR with a rookie.
I've said iupati all along but after this year ... Crabtree. His absence and his return was like night and day

Crabs. I think it's easier to find a solid guard than it is to find a solid receiver.
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Depends what they ask for. Have to be willing to walk away from either.
Crabs easily
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Originally posted by sacniner:
Originally posted by lucky_49:
How is this even a question dude

This. WR > Guard.

Crabs is a pro bowl level WR when healthy. We've seen that. Those are harder to find than guards. Now, if he was an elite tackle that would be a different story

I agree Crabtree has higher value but he has never been a Pro Bowl receiver. Iupati has been an All Pro.
Originally posted by sanjose49erfan:
Who is better at their own position? iupati! Look at the tape! The offense stalled when Iupati was hurt! crabtree what did he do????????? crabtree held out to sign a better rookie contract if people don't know! I just can't wait to see When Baalke re-signs Iupati over Crabtree! maybe Crabtree signs for less to resign Crabtree! People Just don't know how much Iupati loves the area and the team. crabtree cares about the business! WR is a sexy position that is why the 49ers will draft 2 wrs in this draft!

I'm glad you will never be our GM.

Iupati is easier to replace than Crabtree. In case you haven't figured it out, the Niners haven't been successful at drafting WRs.

As for the offense stalling after Iupati went out, please explain how you figure it is due to Iupati 's absence. The run game wasn't working with Iupati, either. And Iupati is not a good pass blocker. So explain how Iupati being out is the sole reason for the offense stalling.
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