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Who would you resign Crabtree or Iupati ?

Who would you resign Crabtree or Iupati ?

We are all lucky your not the one deciding. Not every position has the same value to the team. You could make your same stupid argument with iupati over kap. how does that sound? gtfo
Originally posted by sanjose49erfan:
Who is better at their own position? iupati! Look at the tape! The offense stalled when Iupati was hurt! crabtree what did he do????????? crabtree held out to sign a better rookie contract if people don't know! I just can't wait to see When Baalke re-signs Iupati over Crabtree! maybe Crabtree signs for less to resign Crabtree! People Just don't know how much Iupati loves the area and the team. crabtree cares about the business! WR is a sexy position that is why the 49ers will draft 2 wrs in this draft!

...and when teams sat on Boldin in weeks 2 and 3 and we HAD Iupati, how did the offense do then?

The fact that Crab may not be listed among the top 10 just makes him more affordable.

Look, I like Iupati as much as any niner fan, but Crab being out proved just how important he was to the offense.
Originally posted by sanjose49erfan:
what has happened to the 49ers pass offense is that Kaepernick doesn't go through his progressions. and sticks only to Crabtree. look at the superbowl 2 years ago and the game verses seattle! Duh


I had never heard that one before.
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Originally posted by sanjose49erfan:
I personally would re-sign Iupati over Crabtree. My reasons Iupati is a pro bowler a few times? what does that mean? he is best at his position. crabtree might be the best Wr on the 49ers but is not so important as Iupati.When Iupati got hurt in the 1st have of the championship game the 9er's running game stalled due to the his injury. Crabtree is Not on the top 10 WR in the nfl! Kaepernick targets him all the time, does that make him the great? No! I would not want to see crabtree go but if I had to choose I would pick Iupati. The 49ers are a power run team ! Crabtree is a position WR ! keeping it real! when has he caught 80 passes? I would draft WRs and team him with Bolden.

Being a Pro-Bowler does not indicate that a person is the best at their position...simply the most popular at the time.

Crabtree being the best WR on the 49ers is not something to be taken lightly considering he (and recently Boldin) has been the best WR the 49ers have had in TWELVE YEARS....

When Iupati was hurt in the 1st half, our running game stalled? Nah, our running game outside of Kap was pretty much non-existent since Week 16.
Did you see what happened to our TOTAL offensive production when Crabtree was injured for 3/4ths of the regular season?

When he's healthy, I think a good case could be made that Crabtree IS indeed Top 10 or at least Top 15 in the entire league. If you study WRs like I do, you'll see what I mean. Dick Sherman & Co. like to act like he's not a threat but go back and watch our games against them, they double cover Crabs 90% of the time. That says volumes. Crabtree isn't a guy you can just replace. He's a rare, rare, rare talent who is still getting better.

When was the last time Crabtree caught 80 passes? 2012. Yet you want to draft a WR and re-sign/keep Boldin who is almost 10 years older than Crabs? I see.......

Iupati more valuable than Crabtree? No way. Never.
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Originally posted by MikeRumph:
Crabtree is a chain moving machine. Lions drafted Larry Warford in the 3rd round last year and he was by far the best rookie guard this season. In order to replace Crabtree you would have to drastically move up in the draft, pray for somebody to slide in the draft or pay up in free agency. To find a replacement guard you could make a trade similar to the move made to get Eric Reid or use a late first rounder on a guy. Keep Crabtree.

I'm not feeling the Larry Worford analogy, Keenan Allen was the best rookie receiver and he was a 3rd round pick. All that means is drafting ain't exact science. Nobody knows until we figure out what type of money these guys want. We better not over pay for Crabtree, this is a guy who held out on us for more cash and has a career of injury problems but some of you think its hands down Crabtree as if he's going to be easy to negotiate with. The game is won or loss in the trenches. Im down to keep whoever wants to take a team friendly deal and that will more likely be Iupati than Crabtree. Ain't nobody that can't be replaced.
a lineman or a star wide receiver... lol
Originally posted by lucky_49:
How is this even a question dude

This. WR > Guard.

Crabs is a pro bowl level WR when healthy. We've seen that. Those are harder to find than guards. Now, if he was an elite tackle that would be a different story
Why do we have to let either of these guys go? They both seem like key pieces. I think A. Davis is the one who needs to go. Let Boone move back to tackle, and replace the RG spot with one of the noobs. If we release Davis, how much does he count against the cap? How much could be saved by letting him go?
It is a valid question. Last year at this time, I would have leaned towards Iupati. But Crabtree has really shown his worth this past year, in part by how stagnant our offense performed without him. The improvement our offense saw when Crabtree returned was noticeable, and he wasn't even 100% all year. If the choice is between paying Iupati and paying Crabtree, I think you need to pay Crabtree and rely on Looney or another guard moving forward.
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There four major players that will become free agents in 2015. Kaepernick, Aldon Smith, Crabtree, and Iupati.

In addition, Miller, Hunter, Dorsey, Skuta, and Culliver will be free agents at the same time.

It would be good if we could keep three of the four big names(A Smith, Kaepernick, Crabtree, and Iupati.)

If I were Baalke I would have already begun contract talks with each one of these four.

The sooner the front begins, the better.

My guess is that we extend Kaepernick and Aldon Smith rather soon--during training camp.
We do have to make sure that Aldon stays in line during the off season.

I think that signing Iupati or Crabtree will be more complicated.

Of the others, I think signing Miller, Hunter, and Culliver will be the priority.

The front office has a bunch of work to do. I do not envy them.

There is a wr like Crabtree in the draft Kelvin Benjamin 6,5 242 pounds check him out he is bigger then Crabtree and taller then crabtree he reminds me of Calvin Johnson
I vote crabtree but word on the street he is looking for $10 million per year. dont know about that
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I would rather try to replace Iupati for two reasons.

1. Guards are less expensive and there are more good ones around.

2. Matter of offensive philosophy for me: I prefer a more mobile guard. Better in pass protection and to develop a wide running game.

Of course Crabtree may be much harder to sign. REMEMBER, he demanded top 3 overall money at signing and held out until October. He is now going to want top dollar as well. With Dwayne Bowe getting $11MILLION/yr Crabtree will want more than that. I don't think for a minute he is worth that but that is what his agent will demand. I expect the 49ers will have to tag him once his current contract is up. I expect he will hold out and force a trade that will not be good for the 49ers. I hope that doesn't happen but that is the way I read history.
I think WR - BUT I don't see Baalke overpaying for either position. He'll do what's best for the team for the long run.
People need to get over his rookie year holdout. That's ancient history now.

I'd pick Crabtree over Iupati ten out of ten times.
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