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How much to pay Iupati?

let him walk.
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dont pay him, let him walk and draft a replacement


what's the compensation pick if this happens?

probably a mid rounder but it would not be until 2016

draft a guard this year in the 2nd or 3rd round and let him learn this year by 2015 he will be ready to go.

BOOOM problem solved.

sus >>>>> baalke
meh i say let him walk, we got bigger needs like kaep, aldon, and crabs.

Damn I feel like he's gone already with that article. f**k the salary cap. We need to Debartolo him to keep him well fed and playing here.
If we can get him for $5 mil annually, I'd be down. But that would be a huge discount, probably not realistic. It's crazy how much these guards make nowadays.

Looking down the line, we can only afford to pay one guard significant money. It should be Boone. He has no injury issues, is more versatile, and a much better pass protector. He'll also be cheaper to re-sign. He doesn't have any pro bowls or all-pro nominations to his name, but he's arguably the better player.
Looks like Kilgore at Center with Looney the swing guard and the guy we picked off the SEA PS for development (Schwartz IIRC). We will undoubtedly draft an OL in the draft, just probably not in the first three rounds. With Kaep, Aldon, and Crabs all deserving extensions, and at 3 of the 5 hardest positions to fill (not including LT and CB), there probably won't be enough money to get all 4 deals done. I love Lupati (lol) but a guard, as some have said, is a lot more plug and play than a dominant pass rusher or #1 WR.

I don't see the 49ers paying him the $8 million plus that the Tenn guy got
I agree on letting Iupati walk, he's been massively injury prone as of late, and he's a mediocre pass-blocker. Even before Iupati suffered injury symptoms I saw our (even more) mediocre Snyder fill in better than Mike did (specially later on, when we hosted Seattle back in week 14).

Putting homerism aside (completely), I think Boone and Staley are the only guys on our line (period) worth commanding ANY money in the future.
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Draft Spencer Long late in the draft, redshirt for 2014, allow him to learn the system. Draft another guard in the 2015 draft, early on if needby. Iupati is a great player but a luxury at this point, can't make a strong argument for retaining Iupati over Aldon, Crabtree or Kaepernick. Long will go from a likely 2nd rounder to a late round draft pick, he's perfectly capable of stepping in as a starter in 2015 after taking 2014 and recovering from his ACL injury.

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There are more pressing issues coming up in the next two years. The team has to save money somewhere and guard seems most cost effective. Although, the 49ers have kept many of their own.
5 dolla

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What exactly is iupati's strength? He's not the most mobile guard and he doesn't exactly blow somebody off of the LOS either. I've seen him engulf LB's when he gets to the second level and seal off DT's when he traps. But honestly, I think he is replaceable if we want similar production. A more mobile guard might pull or trap better than Iupati. I've also seen iupati get beat in pass pro a few times by smaller type DT's.

When healthy, he does move people off the LOS. This past season he was limited by injuries almost all year.

He isn't particularly mobile but he pulls better than Boone. However, I do not see that as a reason for the team to let him go. This run offense does not use pulling linemen very often by design. While I would like to see lighter, more mobile offensive linemen I don't see that happening with Harbaugh as coach.

The only reason I can see for letting him walk would be his cap number. He is one of the top 3 or 4 guards in the league when healthy and his agent will likely demand he be paid like one. In that case, I see no way Baalke re-signs him. I believe the coaching staff sees Looney as being capable of replacing him though at some drop in level.

I hope you are right about Looney. But then why was Snyder first off the bench when Iupati was injured?

Thanks for replying. I was honestly curious about his play.
He'll likely break the bank in 2015 and we'll get a 3rd round compensatory pick in 2016.
I say trade him to the Browns along With 2 2nd rounds picks for Josh Gordon.
$20 million a year
Doubt we make a big push to sign him. He's basically gone. Loved him as a Niner but he was always a liability in pass defense.
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