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Gore or Boldin?

Trade Gore for what ever we can get, a conditional pick most likely a 5th if he makes a difference, 7th if not. See if Boldin will take a reasonable salary (not likely) and see what Latimore, Hunter, LMJ, Dixon, and Hampton look like, maybe a rookie as well. If Boldin walks, we have 13 draft picks if we can't get one good wide out with that, heads should roll.
For the love of god please stop talking about trades. No one is trading for Gore. Those kind of deals don't happen anymore and haven't for a long time. If there is a team that thought they were just a 30 year old Frank Gore away from a championship maybe, but even then it is highly unlikely.
Frank isn't going anywhere. At least not this year.
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Boldin. I love FG but its clear he's lost a step. I do think KH needs more playing time.
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
You can replace Gore, cant replace Boldin. Give Gore one more year and then let him go.

Can't replace Boldin? Come on. When Crabtree is healthy, Boldin is a #2. I love what Boldin was able to do last season, but he is far from irreplaceable.

As for Gore, his production didn't drop, so I don't see why people feel his best days are behind him. It's obviously because of his age, even though his on-field production hasn't changed.

Bottom line is neither of them are irreplaceable. The only difference is Frank Gore is and always has been a 49er at heart. I'd keep Gore until his numbers start to decline.
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Originally posted by LifelongNiner:
Originally posted by sfout:
Like it or not. Gore is gets the treatment of "You're here until you don't want to be". Cutting the player who is literally our pillar of anything worth a damn for past 9 years would send such a horrible message to the entire league let alone the locker room.

Gore is a reasonable team fist guy so he'll restructure before this even becomes an issue but he is going to be the one to decide if/when he leaves this team.

This. If I were a 49ers player and I see they just outright cut a guy like Gore (or make treat him the way the Bears did Brian Urlacher), I would remember that come contract time. Besides having the chance to be on a winning team, players give teams discounts because of how they treat their players. To outright cut a guy like Gore who only has ONE year left on his deal would send a horrible message indeed. It is a business, but you can't deal with everyone in that way. Case in point, if/when this happens to Carlos Rogers, this is no big deal. But if they were to do this to Frank Gore, Justin Smith, Patrick Willis, and I suppose NaVorro Bowman, even though he has young, has probably endeared himself forever to this team, there would be some major consequences. You would lose much more than you could gain for that few extra million in cap space.

for real. Haha I just noticed by autocorrect fail of "gets" instead of getting". Gore will NEVER be cut by this team, we saw what Justin did to make sure he set the team up well and Gore will do the same and the FO will not hang him out to dry.
I would be really upset if Gore were let go, I understood when Montana was traded because Young was so good, much younger and Joe was coming off a major injury at the time, hated it when Rice left and Gore going would be similar to that situation. I do not ever want to see Frankie G put on another uniform. I think we need to approach him this offseason about taking a pay cut, let Lattimore, Hunter & LMJ play a lot more this season while phasing Gore out then next year make him an assistant RB coach.

If a gun were put to my head and I could only keep one player for next season, I hate to say it but the OP is right, Boldin is more productive at this point in his career and he's who I would keep.

Originally posted by SportsFan:
Cutting Gore might have some serious negative impact on the locker room.

Trading Montana, Lott, Rice were all painful, It happens though, and as much as I hate to see those things happen it may be time for Gore to go. Boldin is three years older than FG though, so I'm not sure what the team sees as their futures. Boldin would be harder to replace as we have seen over the past decade!
Originally posted by SportsFan:
Cutting Gore might have some serious negative impact on the locker room.

With free agency and the salary cap, I think players are used to seeing teammates go. Some players can't wait for free agency so they can get paid.
For Gore's case as he's not a FA, I believe his teammates knows it's a cold business. Athletes know as they near 30, the clock is ticking faster on their career.
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Boldin will make the bigger impact next year, but were going to have both.
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