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Gore or Boldin?

Originally posted by kazak13:
If you had to chose between keeping Gore or Boldin who would it be? Gore has 6-7 million salary and his best days are behind him, we have 3 other running backs on this roster that could fill in for him, while our receivers core is thin and unexperienced, (other than crabtree)

i know Gore is a 49ers legend, but i think his time has passed and he doesn't have much in the tank.. in the end this is business. We seen Joe and Jerry go, maybe its time for Gore to move on?

Is Boldin worth 6-7 million per year? or should this kind of cash be invested in another receiver?
The obvious answer is keep Boldin. Gore might have 1 more good year in him and then maybe it may be just those 700-800 yard type years we saw when Emmit Smith stuck around too long. Problem is Gore is part of the soul of the team. Hope he retires a 49er.

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Keep both.
It won't even come to this. Not because I hope it to be so. People need to understand the 49ers cap situation isn't dire. We do not need to purge the team. The older guys can all be kept for reasonable deals and sound restructuring.
Gore may not be done, but we could potentially have a better back with Hunter or Lattimore. We won't know until he's gone.
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yeah.. i agree with most of you.. at this point Boldin is more valuable to this team than Gore.. we have so many running backs on this roster.. if i had to chose it be Boldin as well..
GOAR! Draft a WR.


One year for Gore and work in Lattimore in a rotation with Hunter
Originally posted by SofaKing:
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Originally posted by pwillis52beasty:
Gore is not done people. Yeah he's going to be 31, but he still is a top running back in the league. Still had over 1100 yards going against 8 men boxes.

this! sometimes i think posters don't even watch the games.

Yup. We've heard the same thing for the last 5+ offseasons. "Gore is done". I don't think so. If there is one RB in the NFL who is built to be effective past age 30, it's him. As long as he has quick feet and vision, he'll be effective. Just don't expect any long TD runs.

Originally posted by ninerfan52:
One year for Gore and work in Lattimore in a rotation with Hunter

yeah but what if for this one year for Gore to be in SF uniform we lose Whittner and Boldin.. Frank needs to re-construct his contract.. As long as he is on this team he will be on the field.. You got LMJ, Hunter and Lattimore.... its their time to shine.. and use that cash to sign players we need at other position
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Originally posted by stimpy:
No question for me - Boldin. Gore can be replaced by a younger, more dynamic back that's being paid on their rookie contract.

Gore has sentimental value. However, this is a business of winning and we need to get under the cap and keep most of the team intact. Gore is the odd man out.
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Gore because you have Lattimore and Hunter plus you can always get a running back that's at least decent(and Franks a 49er legend) It sucks because he's meant so much but we have trouble getting WR's.Boldin and Crabtree is the best 1-2 we have had in years
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Love em both. Love Frankie a bit more because he's been here longer.

But I choose Boldin.

Simply put, there isn't as much depth at WR as there is at RB to replace either guy if one were to leave.

Also, if Frank wears down, we can AT LEAST get SOME production from Kaepernick's running ability. At this point, if Boldin goes down or leaves, we're basically the 2011 49ers in the playoffs again.....
Great gm's will trade their stars just before they hit the tail end of their prime. Gore has such sentimental value to this team so its a tough call. Hopefully he recognizes this and is open to restructuring his contract. Trading or outright releasing Gore is something Baalke does not want to have to do.
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Here we go again lol same thread what last 3 years about how Gore is old and should be cut. When he gets 1100 yards again next season we Will see another one lol. You will miss his pass blocking and down the field blocks he makes for kap when he is gone mark my words.
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