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Gore or Boldin?

I cant decide. The more likely situation is Boldin leaving. I REALLY want Frankie G to get his ring with us, so I hope he stays for a year, even if his role is diminished.
Bolden.... They should try to move frank gore... Plenty of teams would give up a 3rd or 4th rdr for him...cowboys,jets,raiders,titans,browns,prob dolphins too... It's a business guys. His best years are behind him
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Originally posted by CRABTREE:

Lattimore might benefit from having Gore there in his first season of playing, too, in a mentor type role. Or maybe not. i dont know
Keep Gore. He still has some left and is great in pass protection. Boldin definetly was worth the price this year. But with the depth of this WR draft class and the progression of Patton I would let Boldin go.
I love Frank but I'd rather go with Boldin. I think Frank is done. He can't be a lead back anymore. He will be missed though. He's extremely intelligent and an amazing blocker.
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Both will have to take a pay cut to stay IMHO. Can't give them $6M a year when we have to extend Kap, Crabtree, Aldon, and Iupati.
I won't be surprised if Boldin demands a lot less than people think he will. That last contract was done years ago and the reason he wouldn't take a cut could be just the principle of the thing - a contract is a contract. And I definitely won't be surprised if Gore restructures to help the team. He's all team. I still think the team is going to give Lattimore every chance to prove he can be the guy who takes over the bulk of the carries from Gore and Gore is going to be a passing down back who doesn't have to carry as big a load and can last that way for a couple more years.
I'll keep Boldin.
Is Gore the type of back that can still be effective while rotating much more with Lattimore or any RB we have?

Josh Gordin
Well if you let Gore go... Kaep will be in trouble because "frank"ly the other RB's on the team can not pick up the rush like the tank can...
Why is every one hating on gore????????? i don't think hes as bad as every one is making it seem like. Ya he is older but his lack of yards this year wasn't so much cause of his age but because Kaep is not a consistent effective passer so where going to run the ball a lot. Teams knew that and would stack the line to show us we are not going to let you run Kaep will have to throw to beat us. Hunter and Dixon didn't have a lot of success either. People should chill for now about this. Let Gore mentor Lattimore let them form a 1 , 2 punch this season and depending on how that goes then start to think of making a change at that position. Kaepernick being able to beat teams with his arm consistently will help the run game a lot.
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Boldin fo sho
We let gore play his final season. Maybe he will decide to retire afterward early. That way we can make a big deal about it and win the Super Bowl.
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