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Gore or Boldin?

If you had to chose between keeping Gore or Boldin who would it be? Gore has 6-7 million salary and his best days are behind him, we have 3 other running backs on this roster that could fill in for him, while our receivers core is thin and unexperienced, (other than crabtree)

i know Gore is a 49ers legend, but i think his time has passed and he doesn't have much in the tank.. in the end this is business. We seen Joe and Jerry go, maybe its time for Gore to move on?

Is Boldin worth 6-7 million per year? or should this kind of cash be invested in another receiver?
No question for me - Boldin. Gore can be replaced by a younger, more dynamic back that's being paid on their rookie contract.
Anfrank Goldin

Franquan Bore
Blow it up and go younger. Cut Frank and let Boldin walk. Get younger talent to fill in. But then there lies the problem. Front office hasn't been able to identified the talent at receiver lately.

Keep Boldin. Let Frank go. That makes me sad I love Frank.
I'd hate to see Gore get picked up by a team like Arizona...or the Rams

We need to keep both!
Better to cut a player a year early than a year later. Boldin doesn't rely on speed so there is no reason why he can't be as effective in 2014. Frank is a warrior and it would be unpopular to cut him but it would be the move.
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you let Frank play one more year, win Super Bowl 49 and have him retire as a career Niner.
Cutting Gore might have some serious negative impact on the locker room.
You can replace Gore, cant replace Boldin. Give Gore one more year and then let him go.
boldin for sure, rbs are a dime a dozen.

Frank still cant get any love. Its a damn shame.
Just when I think NT can't get any dumber.
Both. I'm not choosing because the 49ers won't have to.
Originally posted by Marvin49:
Both. I'm not choosing because the 49ers won't have to.

They not only don't have to, but my bet is that Gore will actually make it easier on them by restructuring his contract for another couple years. I think that even if Marcus Lattimore comes on very strong, Gore has tremendous value as a passing down and third down back because he's still the best blitz pickup in the league.
If it were done in a vacuum and based solely on performance and talent at their respective positions, I'd say Boldin stays. But real-world, considering the intangibles Gore brings, how long he's been here, chance to christen the new stadium, huge presence in that lockerroom, much more so that a guy who's only been here for 1 looking at it that way then it's Gore who stays.

But I think Baalke will get it done, both of them stay for one more season.
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