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Why dont we bring more heat to the QB?

If you can get pressure on the QB without blitzing, you do that. Not many teams have that luxury, but we are one.
Bringing heat may cause thermal burns.

And how would we "bring" the heat? Specifically, how would we transport it? Aldon carrying a lantern? Navorro getting military-grade special "flame on!" surgery with that ACL? Harness the fumes coming from every orifice on Jim Harbaughs body? Is any of this even legal, not only by NFL rules, but local, state, and federal law?

These are all questions to ponder as we head into the offseason.
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Originally posted by lamontb:
It is alarming how when the Niners get a lead they just play 10 yards off wr's and let teams march down the field. Then they start only rushing 3./4 guys and it starts to snowball.

Agree! Playing off works sometimes, but when the offenses can depend on it...not so good! As good as Reid is, he is still a rookie and some plays he gave up were almost unforgivable...for anyone but a rookie. The long pass with, I think Baldwin?, where both Safeties were fooled by Wilson's scramble...argh!

Blitzes don't have to be all or nothing plays. If you use Brooks or Aldon to cover the flat the DBs can come in and are often untouched. It has to be mixed up though and never a consistent or predictable call.
Originally posted by lamontb:
It';s b/c Fangio is protecting a shaky secondary. Willis and Bowman are used more to cover tight ends and backs vs the safeties. Leads to them blitzing less b/c you can't trust Whitner to cover anybody. If you get better safeties that can cover then that frees up Willis and Bowman more to blitz. They blitzed a lot more in the playoffs then they did in the regular season. Pass rush wasn't a issue down the stretch this year. It was db's once again not being able to make a play on the ball, giving up that run to Lynch and the offense.
This is probably why we would have lost to Denver on top of no Bowman and Iupati, and most likely no Gore either. Manning going up against our mediocre pass rush and a rookie free safety with mediocre corners = disaster.
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