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Which loss hurts the most?

Which loss hurts the most?

Christ, it depressed me just writing that one out.

To be honest, I have a hard time ranking one over the other. They all hurt for different reasons.If pressed, I'd have to go with the Super Bowl (see below for rationale).

  • The 2011 one stings because I was at the game against the Saints the week before (my first time ever seeing a live 49ers playoff game) and that season had the magic of a franchise reborn and a legendary defense

  • 2012 stings big-time because 1. I got to attend several regular games that season (NYJ, NYG, SEA) 2. I attended the NFC championship game victory over Atlanta and above all else....

    3. I was AT THE SUPER BOWL (my buddy won tickets and took me). It was a long night in New Orleans, and an even longer flight home to NJ after that one. The near comeback was just as exciting as the letdown was grueling

  • 2013--Felt this was truly our year. 2012, although we got farther, seemed like we lucked out a bit and were fortunate to dig out of a big deficit in Atlanta and have the offense compensate for a struggling defense. This 2013 team was clicking at the right time,and the defense was playing phenomenal even though the offense continued to sputter at times. The way the Seattle game started was exactly what I thought it would take to win, but the turnovers, special teams coverage on that long run-back, and a Super Bowl deja vu failed fade to Crabtree doomed us in the second half.
The superbowl. That one still stings. We were 7 god damn yards away.
Ravens loss by far.

49ers got totally robbed and I'm still convinced that the Ravens "Saints'ed" it to the Superbowl due to Ray Lewis' retirement announcement.
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Originally posted by Young2Rice:
The superbowl. That one still stings. We were 7 god damn yards away.

This by a mile.

The Seattle loss hurt the least because they are a good team and because SF almost won on their turf. The NYG loss was rough because I didn't consider them as good a team that year, it happened in SF, and they went on to win it all.
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Seahawks loss didn't feel so bad after all the injuries that happened in that game.
The Seachicken Loss last week. To me that one Hurts even more because I feel we outplayed Seattle for 3 quarters and got worked in the 4th Quarter. As far as the Super Bowl Loss, to me, atleast we made it that far. I'd take a Super Bowl Loss anyday over a Playoff Loss NO DOUBT!! Just to make it to a SB is a HUGE accomplishment. The media and all the Football world is focused on 2 teams and its an empowering feeling!! As for the 2011 NFCCG loss to the Giants, that one hurt a lot but I just don't know if we would have been able to handle the Patriots with Alex as QB??
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Giants and ravens hurt bad. I was at the giants game. that loss sucks because we played so well on defense and yet Kyle Williams cost of the game there's no doubt in my mind we would have beat the Patriots defense would have Smothered them. And ravens well we all know refs f**ked us and kap made my realization that he can't win it and pass when we need him come true.
2011 NYG for me. At home. Bradshaw forward progress. Williams X 2. Awful overtime possessions. Just wanted it badly after that roller coaster ride Vs. New Orleans. When Graham scored that go ahead TD, I don't know if i've ever gone from a lower place to a higher place in 1:37 seconds (similar to bengals in 88. After the playoff drought we went through,we all we're thinking the same thing and we got a top ten moment in franchise history out of it in VD TD.

I live in New England and deal with an ultra jaded fan base in the Patriots. They are rough on their team when they lose and expect to win, which is fair. But what isn't fair is the sense of entitlement to success. Playoff wins are hard to get and not to be taken for granted. In our lean years, 03 - 2010 I vowed to never take for granted future success. To never become anything even resembling New England's fan base in their 13+ years of winning 10+ games.

Thrilled to be behind this team...
Super Bowl... We never lost a SB, we were 7 yards away, and they f**king held Crabtree...
To me its the last two season enders. TOO much similarity for my liking. It always hurts to lose a bowl but we also should have learned from the Super Bowl loss and should be playing this weekend.

they all hurt
The super bowl loss followed by the 2011 NFC Championship game. The seattle loss doesn't even register compared to those two.

As a side note, I wish people would stop saying we were 5 yards away from winning the super bowl. I think that's an over simplification, because I really doubt our defense would have stopped baltimore from getting at least a field goal.
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Super Bowl hurt the most.
Super Bowl loss. No question. First in our history. And I still don't like talking about it.

Giants loss was devastating especially since we were at home and it was a game we should've won.

Seattle loss wasn't nearly as bad as the other two. It sucked but considering the initial low expectations many of us had at the beginning of the season and all the injuries we endured, it's amazing that we even made it this far and almost beat Seattle on their turf to make it back to the big game. Sucks the way the season ended, especially with Bow's injury, but I'm still optimistic for the future.
I didn't give a f**k what happened after we lost Bowman in the Seattle game. And the Superbowl.....We were KNOWN for being undefeated in Superbowls.........
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