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How Much Does Justin Smith Have Left?

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Originally posted by LifelongNiner:
Originally posted by cciowa:
i am sorry but i never saw a drop in his play this year. the depth has helped him stay fresh and he is still a major force

Originally posted by amosmac:
I honestly didn't see any drop off in Justin Smith's play... even against Seattle in the playoffs. I thought he was dominant. Look at the game tape - he owned Russell Okung and/or Carpenter. I think he's got a solid 1 or 2 years left, at least. Tank will need to be brought through the system and needs experience. Who better to have teach him but the best? JUSTIN "COWBOY UP" SMITH!

This. At least not as drastic as the rankings would indicate. I think Tank can come in and should give a huge boost to the D-line. He will be a major infusion of talent. I think the better our rotation is, the longer and more effect Justin Smith can be. I'm just hoping Baalke continues to be forward thinking and snatches up Easley at the end of the third round.
i thought his name was country? f**king stupid aikman
Cowboy will be fine. He'll finish out strong, retire with a ring (I hope) and go enter the World's Strongest Man circuit as his retirement gig.
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