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We have Aldon, Ahmad, Skuta, and Lemonade at OLB. The first 3 are pro bowl quality, the 4'th has shown good promise, and all of them have several more years of high level playing left. Who do the Niners have on the D-line to take the place of Smith/McDonald in the next 2-3 years if not Carradine? TJE & Dobbs?

P.S. Baalke traded 2 OLB last offseason for 7'th rounders because it was the most stacked position on the roster.

I want to move away from the nonsense that is the OP of this thread and focus on the bolded part. Obviously we all know Aldon and Ahmad are All-Pro players. I agree with you that Skuta could be as well, I believe if Bowman can't start the season healthy then we should play our best 4 available LBs and put Skuta back inside then play him outside when Bow comes back if that situation plays out like that.

What's the consensus of the board on this? I think Skuta could be at least a Pro-Bowl player in our system.

I think Skuta played well and all this year, but I am nowhere near calling him a Pro Bowler.

Skuta does have experience playing inside linebacker.

Having him fill in, if Bowman is slow to recover, seems feasible.

Its actually smart to have players with the vertatility to play both inside and outside LB. It gives you the ability to keep more players at other positions.