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Move Carradine to OLB?

Carradine can create more sacks from the DE position. Why move him??
I want him at DE. Itd be nice to have olbs and des who can get after the passer. Maybe he can play both
Originally posted by Marvin49:
Originally posted by Blake_Fever:
Umm, no, I did not say to get rid of Aldon Smith. The reality is, SF may not be able to afford him/keep all of their coveted free agents. I thought my first sentence made that clear. But as always, Zoners have horrendous reading comprehension skills.

So what you're saying is, it's unheard of that a college DE can't be converted to OLB in the NFL?

And he's totally locked into DE, even though he didn't play at all this year?

Or that since he's heavier now, he can't possibly lose weight to play OLB?

No offense, but for the countless hours you spend on this site and the tens of thousands of posts you've made, you guys are pretty narrow minded and it makes me seriously question your overall football knowledge/intelligence.

No...what we are saying is that Carridine needs to be groomed to replace an aging member of the D-Line, Justin Smith, and that is a more pressing need than replacing Aldon Smith.

Aldon isn't going anywhere BTW. He'll get paid and he'll be in SF for a really long time. If he isn't, it will be because he's traded for ALOT. As for insurance behind him? Corey Lemonier. I'm also sure they will take another OLB in the draft.

Carradine is a 6'5" 275 lbs DE. COULD he play OLB? Maybe. That isn't where the Niners NEED him the most though.

BTW, on the might want to look in the mirror on that one. People disagreeing with you doesn't make them unintelligent. It means you haven't presented an argument worthy of a better response. It also means you need a thicker skin.

Blake - I think what everybody's trying to say (outside of they don't want to lose Aldon obviously) is that moving Carradine is a mistake. The whole point of a defensive scheme is to put your player's in the best position and draft players that fit your scheme. Carradine (pre-injury) is an absolutely perfect fit as a 3-4 DE in our scheme. He should not be utilized as a OLB because it doesn't fit his strengths which you can pick up on film pretty easily.

When Justin came here from Cinci - could he have been an OLB for us? Or a DE in nickel situations? Yes, but it wouldn't have been the best use of his talents. Lemonier was drafted to be an OLB and he looks pretty solid already - you can easily see why he would be an OLB in our scheme whereas Tank would be a DE.

Also, don't get so defensive
No, Baalke said flat out when he was drafted that he was taken to be a DL, he's going to be the eventual replacement for Justin Smith, the guy is a great pass rusher but not an OLB type. Even if the Niners do end up losing Aldon (which I highly doubt) they already have Lemonier in the wings and a good veteran in Skuta. Geez the off season makes ppl bring up some odd stuff.
Put him at strong safety to replace whitner. According to Madden, his rating went up and we know that's how pro coaches make their depth charts.
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Originally posted by darkknight49:
Put him at strong safety to replace whitner. According to Madden, his rating went up and we know that's how pro coaches make their depth charts.
1973 mattel talking football trumps madden in my opinion
Manny Lawson to safety yo! FTMFW!
the beginning to terrible "what if" offseason threads
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tank has tight hips. doubtful he can function in space
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:


Originally posted by crabman82:
Originally posted by Marvin49:

Carradine is being groomed to replace JUSTIN Smith, not ALDON Smith

i'm waiting for the 'move lattimore to te?' thread

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We have Aldon, Ahmad, Skuta, and Lemonade at OLB. The first 3 are pro bowl quality, the 4'th has shown good promise, and all of them have several more years of high level playing left. Who do the Niners have on the D-line to take the place of Smith/McDonald in the next 2-3 years if not Carradine? TJE & Dobbs?

P.S. Baalke traded 2 OLB last offseason for 7'th rounders because it was the most stacked position on the roster.
Well I am not completely opposed to it, but you will be moving him to possibly the deepest position in the NFL( 49ers OLB). Now getting him work there this off-season may be necessary depending on bowman.

But I think they draft another OLB this off-season.
McDonald - Dorsey - JSmith
Jerod-Eddie - Williams - Carradine
Dial (DE/NT)

Practice squad - Okoye, Purcell or "other"

Tank is 6-4, will probably play @ 280/285 or so. He's a DE, not an OLB. My guess is he'll split time w/Justin Smith and possibly RayMac. He should be 100% healthy and rarin' to go.
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