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Perspective on this current 49ers team and why I am optimistic

Sando has an ESPN insider article stating why we are poised for a good offseason...anyone with an insider account want to share it?
Some folks don't even know how to troll right
Items that will impact us next year and beyond:
  • Last years draft showing up this year (Lattimore/Tank/Dial) plus (Ian Williams/Culliver)
  • 49ers have the most draft picks in a strong draft
  • WR and CB are 49er needs and the draft has bumper crop
  • After SB win, pressure mounts as all want to cash SB for payday. Not good for Seattle.
  • Neither Seattle or Niners have won in their opponents "house". Home field advantage is bigger than the difference between these two teams. The closest was last game where we dominated for more than 3 quarters. Hopefully a trend.
  • Seattle and Niners will make each other stronger (steel sharpens steel)
  • Seattle has to play the first place teams and us the 2nd (opposite of last year) - a little tougher schedule.
  • Improved record over prior year.
  • I think losing FAs will be similar to last year. Not a huge problem.
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.... oh yeah

We have been in 3 straight NFC title games. I think likely we can do that again. If we do, it will be the first time ever we have gotten to that level 4 straight times.

In the 18 years of Montana and Young, they only did once (3 straight and won two SBs). Harbaugh era thus far, more consistent with less peaks?
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