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I usually disagree with Grant but this is a excellent article for next season

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agree with the article 100%, but it pretty much is all common sense...we all know this. And I think he goes overboard on not needing any players....I still would like to see a new starter emerge from the next draft, and Crabs will never be a true #1 imo.

The #1 thing I agree with and I felt my stomach drop when it was happening was not calling the timeout.
1. You should see if your OC can call a situational play you have designed from this down and distance
2. YOU should remind your young QB he CAN take a sack
3. YOU should remind your young QB maybe lets not end the season to crabs AGAIN

I really really like Harbaugh and Kaep, but they are both down to their 3rd strike. I am not saying we would replace them, but if they continue to repeat these same errors, I highly doubt we are going to get the 6th ring on their watch....we will just get close a lot

John Elway was 0-3 in the SB before finally winning his first of 2 SB trophies after a 9 year hiatus. Let's see just how patient Niner fans are.

And it took a coaching change for that .. Dan Reeves vs. Mike Shanahan.

Maybe, but Terrell Davis was the team's MVP. In those two Super Bowl years, he might have been the most valuable running back of all-time.

Yeah but Denver's entire offensive scheme was changed under Shanahan. TD wasn't a between-the-tackles runner simply because Denver didn't play that type of running game. Terrell Davis was awesome but the 49ers current running game that the running game Denver ran back then are COMPLETELY different.

Blocking went to a very different scheme and allowed more flexibility in the run game.
I hate how Kap looks down his 1st option all the time and doesnt look around for other open targets. On that throw to Crabs (in double coverage), Boldin was open down the middle of the field and we still had ample time for another 2 plays.
Not like he discovered all this. If even Grant knows, it's pretty obvious to all.
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