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Besides the infamous, season-ending interception, what were the highest and lowest...

It was a good season. We were 1-2 with Aldon Smith going away for a month or so and we battled back to go 12-4 and make the NFC championship game. Obviously we were one bad call away from having home field and probably playing in the super bowl but it just was not meant to be.

Harbaugh and Kap will host the Lombardi trophy soon enough. It will happen!
When looking back on this season, the enduring memories for me are the following:

Highs- kap's game week 1 vs a motivated packer team, Bowman's pick 6 to close out Candlestick, and the win over GB in the playoffs. I know it was only a wildcard game but I guess I still haven't let go of the 1995 divisional game So in my mind any win over GB is payback for the 90's.

Low- getting the NO ripped from us is really the only low for me. The short term ramifications were dropping us to 6-4 and putting us outside of the playoff hunt. Now long term it robbed us of a divison, a number 1 seed and final playoff games at candlestick.

Overall I will fondly look back on the 2013 team as a team that was one point vs Carolina and a crap call in NO from running off 13 straight to end the regular season. As painful as last Sunday was, i am constantly impressed by the heart and soul of this team and can't wait for next year.
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High - Gore's big run in the 4th quarter against SEA in week 14 where he juked EThomas. Had me jumping up and down.

Low - Brooks' BS penalty for roughing Brees. I knew that bad call would bite them in the ass. It ended up being the BS call that prevented the NFCCG from being played in SF.
my lowest moment of the season was watching seattle pull out wins in houston, in st louis and at home vs tampa bay. they didnt deserve to win all 3, but they did and thats how they got the game at home.
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the loss the panthers at home which never should have occured was the low... the high was getting to that title game and after losing bowman making a stop and putting yourself in a spot to win the game. amazing the heart of this team
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Originally posted by BrianGO:
"When we had the lead"?
You mean, "When Kap threw an amazing touchdown pass to Boldin in the endzone over an all-pro safety"?

Kap is ALSO responsible for giving us the lead in the first place. TWICE.

The worst mistake of the game by FAR was jumping off-sides on 4th and 7. That play altered the momentum for the rest of the game. We HAD THEM ON THE ROPES, and then we give them a free touchdown. That was not Kap's fault.
god love our special teams but there is NO EXCUSE for them to give up a long return after we had scored,, that just took the mo from us and got the crowd right back into it
Enjoyed the passing game vs the Bucs. Granted, it's the Bucs. The 3rd and 12 to Crabtree and the 60-yard strike to Davis for the touchdown were HUGE. What an arm.
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