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Eric Davis out, Tim Ryan in as 49ers color analyst on radio broadcasts

I really enjoy the preseason games of the 9ers. Great addition. Never cared for Davis' whiny voice.
T-ROCK! Great move! Miss him on Sirius. Talk about it!
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T Robinson : "He has Vernon in the pos-"

He ruined that call

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Ryan is much better than Davis. Eric was amauter hour.
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I'm not a big Eric Davis fan as a color analyst. I actually don't like his over-the-top cheering when the 49ers make a big play. He should leave the play-by-play excitement to Ted Robinson and stick to analysis, rather than college-style homerism. As for Tim Ryan, I don't have a problem with his analysis. And either way, who really cares? I just want the 49ers to win a Super Bowl, and outside of that they can have whoever they want in the studio.
I liked Davis - he always had good-to-great insight into scheme and though he could be a homer enthusiast from time to time to his detriment one honestly wants some of that in your radio team.

I also like Ryan and he should do a good job.
Don't matter to me since Joe Starkey left and the annoying delay i cant stand listening to the radio announcers anymore.
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Tim Ryan is excellent
I like the hire. Best for both parties since Davis can now focus on the NFL network and spend less time traveling.
i dont listen to the radio broadcats but tim ryan is good when he does games for fox and our preseason games. he did our titans and jags games this year for those not too familiar with him.

Originally posted by BimmerKing:
T Robinson : "He has Vernon in the pos-"


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Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows

L.A. story: Logistics prompted #49ers' radio switch ...
Since Ryan does pre season here who will do that now???
Come on, keep it Niner.
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L.A. story: Logistics prompted 49ers' radio switch

Both Sargent and Davis, a former 49ers cornerback who appears on "NFL AM" starting at 3 a.m. during the week, described the parting as mutual and amiable. "It's all good," Davis told The San Francisco Chronicle. "What they want from the position is they want their guys on-site. From a logistics standpoint it's not feasible. But everything's good. Loved doing it for three years ... Nothing but good feelings from both sides."[/url]
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