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Defensive Line next season

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How do you guys think the line is going to go next year? I have hopes that Cowboy will have another year of high performance, he didn't seem to drop off at all this year. I'm really interested though to see what we plan to do with Carradine, Dial and yes Okoye. I think Tomosula could turn Okoye into a monster with those measurables and good technique, diagnosing and understanding will also come. The guy has been accepted into Oxford to study Law so he's cetainly bright.

I think we need a bit more inside pass rush, we're pretty set with Aldon and Brooks at the OLB, I think Dorsey and Williams will be NT and TJE has been very impressive in his snaps as well. Dobbs is the only member of the current roster that I am not sure is at an acceptable level and I think he'll lose out to Carradine.

So is the plan:

Carradine - DE
Dial - NT/DE??
Okoye - DE?
Lemonier - OLB

I think the draft will reveal how much confidence we have in the DLine recruits from last year, the only ones to see any snaps have been Dial and Lemonier, Skuta has shown he can play OLB to a high level as well.
If we keep 7:

If we keep 8:
3rd-5th Rd/*Dobbs........Dial..............3rd-5th Rd/*Dobbs

**If Dobbs is re-signed of course but I don't see it happening.
TJE can play NT if need be
Williams and Dial can play DE if need be
Carradine should be able to back up both sides at DE

So simplifying: McDonald, Dorsey, Smith, Carradine, Williams, TJE, Dial, 3rd-5th Rd or Dobbs
I think we keep 8 and go with a 3rd-5th rd rookie over Dobbs who isn't re-signed. We could very well keep 7 though since many of our guys can play both DE and NT. I don't see Okoye making the squad.
what position has dial played at Bama?
given his weight, i assume he could take over for raymac. and we still have jde.

at NT, we are set for now with Ian and Dorsey unless we receive strong signs that neither of them will extend for reasonable amount of money.

tank will take over for justin, i guess.

--->for now, we are pretty set at the d-line. thus, i think, we will pick a d-liner early only if there is one available who should have been taken way earlier.

take easley in the end of the 3rd or in the 4th and be happy.
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dial will play NT for us.
Agree BIG TIME w/communist - take Easley at the end of the 3rd.

IMO, Sit him for a year like Tanks making sure he's 100% then bring him in when one of the starters retires. I think next year is Cowboy's last under contract.
Does anyone know if Justin Smith is even going to play next season? I recall he wanted to retire soon.
Originally posted by xela510:
Does anyone know if Justin Smith is even going to play next season? I recall he wanted to retire soon.

he signed an extension in the summer time, he is signed through 2015. if he planned to retire i dont think he would have signed an extension.
don't forget to pray for some tomsula magic on okoye the british Olympian
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