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What needs to happen to get that 6th??

What needs to happen to get that 6th??

Progressions! Kaep needs to learn how to be a QB instead of a RB.
If Kap cant elevate his play its all for nothing, if he go backwards i swear i rather the Niners let him walk n for us to look for actual drop back type of QB that will look to pass 1st rather then run. Spend the money u would of given to Kap to revamp the offense & Defense.
If Kap can develop how he goes through progressions and not lock onto a single reciever based on what he thinks is a favorable matchup, we don't need much else. If he can't manage to grow that facet of his game, then we need another WR, CB depth, replace whitner, Gore replacement, change of pace back. Those things are still needs, but if Kap can improve our passing game, we could do without most of them as we have young depth already.
Originally posted by kaepernickingnMo:
Probably a little of all lol....I do think Roman needs to go...he calls plays like he is more scared to lose a field goal than get a touchdown.We need to get a killer instinct from someone...yesterday when Aldon got the strip fumble on the first play....all attempts should have been made to get a touchdown right there and bury their confidence be it by a trick play or whatever...not just run up the middle twice and throw a conservative pass.If they fumble and we go up 7-0 they are already feeling pressure...just settling for 3...they are like ahh were only down 3-0 after the worst start we coulda had...big difference in psyche right there..

I'm on this train. Winning #6 is going to come down to scoring TDs vs FGs.

Whether it's letting Roman go or not, I'm not sure, but we need to become a more West Coast type of offense that Kaep actually USES. Right now it feels like he's just using his legs to win us games with a stout D to back it up. He rarely throws to anyone other than our big 3. He adjusted to the check down too late in the year. If we are to get this 6th ring with this core group, the offense is going to have to become more explosive. The run game isn't bad, but we need to mix in more precise passing, and not always the big 25yd throws.

We've become too reliant on our D to come up with the big plays to win games, and I feel we will only regress on D based on age, so it's going to come down to the offense making bigger strides. My biggest questions going into the 2014 campaign are, can Kaep progress his film study enough to make the necessary reads so the offense can flow better? He has the weapons and his accuracy needs to improve, along with getting some touch on his throws. He can't keep throwing lasers 95% of the time. Secondly, it looks like Gore is on his last legs, and IMO Hunter/LMJ aren't the answer long term, so will Lattimore step right in and succeed early? I could see Gore grooming him and passing the torch. What's going to happen with Aldon in court (and NFL suspension?)? Lastly, I love our DL group and think Bow's injury is going to hurt us. Not the huge impact that Crabs absence had, but Willy will be yet another year older and IMO Bow has surpassed him with his play, so can the LB crew hold it down? I think it can depending on who comes back.

Excited about next season already and hope we trade up and make some top picks in the 1st round this year!
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Kaep isn't the answer right now,..maybe go to wco.....we need bigger faster wrs in this years draft
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We just it to be our year. In 2011 and 2013, the bounces went the seahawks and giants way. Keep on what were doing and move forward. (and occasionally sub in players)
Kaep's growth. We don't know how much of the offense is limited due to Kaep, gameplan, and/or personnel. What I do know is that Kaep has now been on the big stage twice and failed. If he is a true talent then these will prove to be the lessons he needs to become truly elite. He's seen it. He's tasted it. Think Lebron James losing in his first year on the Heat. Kaep is an extraordinary talent unlike anything we've ever seen before. If he learns how to be a leader and take SMART risks, he could be better than Manning and Brady. That's a huge if, but it is his ceiling considering his athleticism and talent. He just has to get polished in the head and have touch in his passes.
As long as Seattle doesn't leg whip our starting nose tackle breaking his leg (williams) at the beginning of the year our D line will be awesome with other young guns coming in. I really think that D is just fine, very good in fact. We need a much more steady (different ) offensive philosophy. No wiggle room as long as Seattle has Lynch and that Legion of syringes in the backfield. At least through next year until team torn apart by super talented egocentric players going for the money. I really think that our backfield is the only real concern going forward into next year
kap will be fine
Originally posted by iluvdemniners:
kap will be fine

as is. no.

but he is progressing in the right direction.

team needs better red zone play - that's on players and coaches.

Passing game must become more dynamic. Say what you want about Trent Dilfer, but he's right when he called this "an archaic 1970's passing offense." His ability to play QB has nothing to do with his ability to understand the game. Some of the best football minds never played a down of pro football.

Kap needs to do his part too. He doesn't always see the field well. All season long he was late, or completely unaware, of underneath options developing. Perfect example is the throw to VD when he got drilled by Chancellor and dropped the ball. VD was open on the shallow cross right from the snap. That ball needs to come out, hitting him in stride in the middle of the field. Should be an easy completion and RAC. He waits too long to throw him the ball, leading VD right into Chancellor.
Don't worry about it
we need bigger corners and bigger receivers with speed. thats our weakness on both offense and defense. Kap will get better at reading defenses the more he sees them. a better OC calling the plays would also kick ass but unless roman gets a HC gig i just dont see harbaughs stubborn ass firing him. i think our oline and dline are both going to be better next year with all the depth we have and guys coming back healthy. our LBs are the best in the game, our RBs will be better with lattimore coming into the mix with gore hunter and james (possible trade one of the last two?) TE we are fine with Vernon and hopefully McDonalds improved hands in the offseason. the draft will put us over the top. lock up boldin for another year or two, extend crabs and Kap, wait til next year for aldon to save us some space next season and to make sure hes all the way on the right track before dumping tons of money on him. i think the niners will be even better than they were this year. we drafted line depth last year, this year we get skill position speed on offense and defense and were a lot better in my opinion. no reason for concern
Ok here is what its GONNA take.

1. Get rid of that 1988 Chicago Bear Playbook and that Pizza eating OC Roman. Bye Bye

2. Get a DYNAMIC 6'2 or taller STUDD receiver who can muscle and run (Basically a young Andre Johnson)

3. Get a new Center to replace the weak & Washed up Goodwin.

4. Frank Gore has Got a HEART but he doesn't have the tools anymore. New Workhorse type back til Lattimore is ready by 2015.

5. Get that Carlos dude off the roster already!!! Resign TB and draft a CB in the mid rounds.

6. Kap has to stop making commercials and START studying film on how to go through progressions!! I love him and his IMMENSE potential but to fully realize his Potential, he needs to do the Classroom stuff more.

7. Get another KILLER on defense. Imagine another ANGRY MAN coming off the edge when Aldon or Justin take a breather.
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Trade in the FG offense for one that punches it into the endzone inside the 20.
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