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4 and 7 TD on free play will Haunt me for the rest of my LIFE

I feel the same. When I saw some of the D-Line just stand straight up and not rush Wilson, I knew we were doomed. Yeah I understand penalties but you can't just stand there. I saw two lineman do it and it just drives me crazy.
I hated everything about the calls on the 3rd and 4th down. We should have pressured Wilson. He only hurt us when he had time to throw......
Well because they jumped offsides it was a free play. So if they did make the play and cause an incompletion, the 49ers would not have had the ball at the 35 up 17-13. It would have been 4th and 2 for Seattle, and who knows what they do at that point? If they don't go for it, then they would have probably kicked a FG, and the way Hauschka was kicking it would have been 17-16. Still better than 20-17, but contrary to what the OP said, the Niners would not have had the ball 1st and 10 at the 35.
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