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Any anti-Kaep comments this morning/last night are moronic

Being literally the only offensive weapon we had, with 0 --absolutely 0!-- help from the running game, in the most hostile environment, against the league's best defensive, Kaep played extremely well. Anyone who doesn't see the natural gifts (literally the strongest arm the game has ever seen, and arguable the most dangerous runner from the QB position ever), is purely insane.

Yes, belongs in a different thread, and yes, lock it if you must, but it needed to be said.

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Do you know why there was 0 help from the run game? because they didn't need to respect Kap's passing game. THe hawks defense sold out to stop the run..and they did.
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How many times did the have 8-9 people in the box
he is an elite QB no doubt, but he needs to play better when the moments get bigger. those 3 turnover the last 3 possesions killed us. as much as he helped, he alone threw those picks and lost that fumble.
Please post in the Kap thread.

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