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Originally posted by 31GOESBOOM:
And by the way, anyone who thinks Wilson "sucks" is obviously very uneducated about football.
Lol no that does necessarily follow logically. Maybe someone who says Wilson sucks is butthurt because his team lost a game they shouldnt have.

Is it a bit of hyperbole to say he sucks? Absolutely. Wilson is a young, talented QB. Is he WAY OVERRATED? YES.

He struggles with many of the same things Kap does (he's much worse than Kap in the pocket), has a rock-solid running game that has not failed him in two years and yet I don't have to hear all week, every week about how Wilson is too stupid to play in the NFL. If Kap fumbled the ball 3 times in a win and made two AWFUL intentional grounding penalties, ppl would point to that as evidence of him sucking.

I can't wait to see how Russell Wilson plays when the refs stack the cards against him. Yesterday, before getting a leg-up back into the game, he was unimpressive.
We turned the ball over 3 times and could have been 5 times if we don't recover the kaep and James fumble. We lost to the better team. Without kaep our offense did nothing. He was involved in all but 31 yards of our offense. Unfortunately kaep decided pre snap he was going to throw to craptree at the end of the game. He is going to hate to watch the film when he sees that Patton was WIDE open to the left and could have gained at least 10 yards. Enough of these pre snap decision making and throw to the open receiver. We didn't throw at Sherman all game so why throw at him with the game on the line
Originally posted by 31GOESBOOM:
Every team has calls go for them and against them. Though we only seem to remember the ones that go against the team we root for because we're so invested in our team we have a narrow field of view when we feel we've been wronged.

LOL is that why you're on a 49er forum trying to convince us (yourself) of this the day after "winning" the NFCCG? Get real. Early indications, when browsing unbiased forums around the league, indicate the majority of NFL fans think the league GAVE this game to Seattle. Not bad calls. A fix.

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Originally posted by 31GOESBOOM:
And by the way, anyone who thinks Wilson "sucks" is obviously very uneducated about football.

Hate to break this to you but Wilson does suck. He got a free play on the TD throw and our safeties (stupidly) gave up on it, he fumbled, caused the Lynch fumble with a bad hand-off, got penalised for intentional grounding. Frankly he's riding Lynch and your defense into the superbowl.
the fix was in. the nfl wanted the donkeys and weakhawks in this years sb
Originally posted by kush:
Not to mention the 3-4 running plays where Lynch was stopped either a yard short of the 1st down marker, or not obviously past it, and like clockwork the refs gave him a 1st every time. I swear they marked the ball nearly two yards forward on one play. Disgusting.

I agree with the bad placement, but I also think that 2nd and inches is a more powerful position to be in than 1st and 10.
Originally posted by 31GOESBOOM:
Well I guess with this rationale, all this talk about the hawks having no rings is null and void. They surely would have beaten the Steelers without the boguss calls/non calls in that game. Alright! Lets go and get that second ring! GOHAWKS!!

Still mad about the roughing the punter call, it was clear as day wonder what the ref was actually looking at.
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