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How do you deal with football heartbreak? (The Keep It Real Edition)

Cocaine. Then come on the zone a vent a little.
get ready for the summer, and take my frustrations out on women
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Look forward to the Senior Bowl, Combine, Free Agency and the Draft.
In mourning for Bow.... i'm more sad about his leg then losing yesterday.. Him and Pwilly are beasts and without him our D loses alot....
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What is espn like right now? I haven't checked the channel yet.
Remind myself, it's just a game.
It's definitely a lot different than when I was younger and was devastated for weeks, e.g. after '83, '90, '92, '93, '97. These past 3 seasons have all ended with crushing defeats, and ain't gonna lie they do hurt like hell, and an extra ounce of pain that it was the Seahawks. But last night I went and started paying bills...just a reality check to let myself know that win or lose, it doesn't pay the mortgage or our kids' private school...yes a win makes me "happy", but still doesn't change everyday life of work, school, homework, kids' sports, etc. Although still did slug down a nice shot of Nyquil and bourbon chaser to help me sleep.

I usually listen to 95.7 a lot, but probably will give it a few days until the postmortem stuff starts to fade, also will try to avoid any and all SB talk...honestly not even sure I'll watch it, if it ever rains again in this state then would be nice to head up Tahoe way and enjoy some fresh powder on SB Sunday. Will not watch NFLN until April and get some draft info, and then more viewing hiatus until August. Once mid-March rolls around will start paying attn to baseball, and of course will continue my hair-pulling fandom of your Golden State Warriors.
Sucks that I'm so emotionally invested in this team. I've taken the past 3 years pretty hard but I love my Niners and will stand by them till the very end
Originally posted by SFSUGradStudent:

I justify the loss by saying the NFL would have screwed us in the Super Bowl so Manning can go out on top the same way they will do Seattle.
Let's see alcohol, taking a break from sports stations/radio for a week, reading/talking with fellow Faithful, and of course more alcohol! This usually last about 1 week tops for me but I can forget all about this if Omaha wins their 1st SB lol.
I'm over it, it's just a game. They were better than us, but we'll see what's up next season.
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It doesn't really mean anything. It's like playing any kind of game, you temporarily get into the competition, but once it's over you realize it's just a ball game. Why be upset about a competition between 22 men trying to move a ball up and down some grass. A game will often come down to a call, an inch or a fraction of a second in timing. It won't make any difference in your life if the win or lose.

The bigger concern is people who behave like a*****es, fans and players alike. Far better to lose a game than to be an ass.
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double post...
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