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The Niners 2013-14 Season-In-Review Discussion And Poll

The Niners 2013-14 Season-In-Review Discussion And Poll

The season is done

However there were highs and lows to this season.

A couple of highs in mind was Boldin's Niner debut vs. the Pack and the Termaine Brock game where he had 2 or 3 picks.

A couple of lows: the second game of the season to a bunch of cheaters and Kaep's inconsistency on offense.

Reflect your thoughts on the season here.

POLL: Choose how you feel about the season.
Overall, it was a good season. In the championship game and still there's room to grow. This team has a bright future.
How you bros doing? I was able to fall asleep fast but when I got up in the middle of the night thinking bout the damn game kept me up for about an hour!

This one is going to sting for a while. And I hate to say it but I'm sort of glad we didn't advance because we were not consistent in all 3 phases last night.

And the Bowman injury is the worst thing!!! Damnit!
First time poster, die hard Niner fan since 1980. I have mixed emotions about this season. This team was good enough to win it all - again - and we didn't get it done. The losses to the Panthers and Saints were the low points, still pissed about HOW we lost those games. Really proud of the way we finished the season with 3 consecutive road wins over 3 very good teams in cities that were out for blood. Making it to 3 straight NFC title games in this era is incredible.

That said, we had so many pro bowl level players who were in their prime this year and to choke at the end of the game - again - really hurts. I've read the discussions about the window being open/closed for this team and I'm optimistic and thinking it will remain open a few more years. It's just so damn tough to get through 16 games + the playoffs with your starters healthy and you never know what will happen next year. Yesterday's loss ranks right up there with the 1990 NFC title game loss to the Giants as maybe the 2 most painful Niner losses I've experienced. I can't say I'm satisfied or unsatisfied so I voted mixed.
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