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Off Season Thoughts

Off Season Thoughts

I have a big long post about kap but it's not woth me at the moment so I can't post. Upshot: we need competition at QB to get the most out of that position for 2014.

Controversial, perhaps, but I don't think that I saw enough growth from late october to now to feel confident we wont be in the same situation next year.
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I was devastated by this loss, so much so that I didn't/couldn't post anything yesterday after the game. I was just too stunned by another heart-wrenching loss.
However, with some time to reflect, I think we are going to be OK next year. Our team still has a lot of talent, and our players play with a passion and intensity that will win most of the games that they will be in.

Still, to take the next step up toward becoming a SB champion, the Niners will need to work on a few areas. I would like to see the team do these things in this coming off-season:

1) Kap must improve: I don't want to see him go to Atlanta to work on his strength/athleticism. His athleticism is off the charts (for a QB) already. I would like to see him stay right here in the Bay Area, and I would like to see JH work with him in a QB clinic, if you will. During the season, a head coach has to divide his time between so many other things, so he probably won't have the time to do significant 1:1 work with his QB. Time should not be an issue in the off-season. Also, I think that JH should invite another expert to come to this "clinic" to work with him and Colin, because another set of eyes may bring a more objective view that JH himself may lack. Heck, I would like to see Jim reach out to Steve Young, who still cares enough about the team that if the Niners ask nicely, and pay him well for his time, will probably agree to come and help out the young 9er QB. Jim and Steve can really work with Colin on developing his pocket presence, more touch on his passes (he still throws the ball too flat sometimes, with not the right amount of arc to beat tight coverage). They should work with him on reading defenses, throwing under pressure, and throwing in the red zone with pressure in his face.

2) Baalke is a frugal GM, and that is good in general. However, if there is a stand-out WR with deep threat speed, and/or CB in the free-agent market, I hope that he will not hesitate to go after them even if they may be expensive, as long as they don't break the bank, so to speak. SEA made some free-agent signings this year (Avril, Bennett) that ended up helping them out a lot. Draft picks are great, but sometimes even outstanding rookies will make mistakes that a good vet won't make (see Reid whiffing on Lynch yesterday, for example).

3) I love Bowman, but I'm not sure if/when he can be back at 100% after that horrific injury. We need to keep Wilhoite (a very good LB, IMO), and go after a stud LB in the draft as an insurance policy in case Bowman can't return as the Bowman that we all know and love.

4) Let Lattimore gradually work himself into the starting RB role. I love Frank, but I think he is in the twilight of his career. Let him tutor Lattimore this coming season while splitting the carries with him, and later on, hopefully Frank will become a RB coach with the Niners.

5) The OL needs some upgrades. They have never been that good in pass protection, and for a line that is supposedly great at "mauling people" in the run game, they have not been able to consistently open holes for our RBs when going up against good defensive fronts. I would definitely keep Staley and Boone. The Niners should consider upgrading the other positions along the line, or at least have an open competition for them.

6) Try to keep Boldin. Enough said.
Good post.
If I was anointed God of 49ers Football and I could make a few changes next year they would be as follows:

1. Completely overhaul the offensive scheme. Sorry I don't like the current one regardless of how much success we've had so far. If this means sending Roman down the river so be it.

2. By now Kap knows his weaknesses. Instead of spending so much time in the gym, it's time to work on this in the offseason. It's simple. Work on your footwork, pocket presence, progressions, reads and short/intermediate passing.

3. Resign Boldin

4. Draft a speed receiver and CB early.

5. Let Iupati walk and replace him with a vet free agent. Sorry Mike, love you but we need the money elsewhere.

6. Goodbye Goodwin! Draft a center rounds 3-4.

7. Extend Crabtree. It's obvious we need this kid on our team.

8. Agree with the above. Draft a QB mid round.
Good post, but is Lattimore the answer?
I'd say the running game.. Frank the Tank looks to be a shell of himself come playoff time.. Yeah he had a nice run against Carolina but he seems slow and always seems to get up limping.... Only concern is the other RB's picking up the blitz as good as Gore
We di not need to waste a pick on a QB - We have Kaep
Couple of thoughts. First, I agree getting a big WR. But get one with enough speed to take the top off a defense. Even an old Randy Moss was able to do that which gave Crabtree a lot of space 2 seasons ago.

Also, get a big physical corner and a SS who covers well.
hopefully roman takes the browns job and takes Chryst and Morton with him
The poor angle Reid took on Marshawn Lynch's TD was nearly identical to the poor angle (an All pro safety) Earl Thomas took on Gore 50 yard run when we beat them at the stick. So even a good vet can miss that play.

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Originally posted by jdt84_2:
you forgot the true only option.

Originally posted by NickSh49:
Bring back JTO.

Originally posted by NickSh49:
Bring back Chris Weinke.

Originally posted by NickSh49:
Bring back Nate Davis.

...ok, now I'll stop.
Originally posted by DonJulio:
Kaepernick can run, juke, fake, and out-race you. We know this.

So, in training camp...

Build a wall along the line of scrimmage. I'm talking about a real, brick and mortar, Berlin Wall/Stonehenge/Great Wall of china/Tijuana border type of wall.

Then, enclose him at each side, with a moat to his left and a moat to his right, one with sharks/lasers, the other with piranhas.

This way, it'll force him to work within this newly formed pocket.
Originally posted by TruNinerFan:
If Carlos rogers is on the roster next season, I will drive to Baalkes office and punch him in the face.

All of this, especially the last one!!!!!!!!!!!
1. extend crabtree for 10 more years.
2. get rid of gore, he is not the playmaker he once was, that or restructure his deal
3. get a backup mlb in case bow not back
4. big play wr to accompany crabtree if we don't resign boldin, even then i think we need one more.
5. get some better DBs, if there is a weakness on our defense its the friggin secondary, i think Reid really sucked against seattle and whitner is good but i rather get a big physical presence back there. let brown go if he dont wanna resign for a reasonable price. we got culliver and brock going into next season, but need to cut rogers and get a better CB for the nickle. id try to take Maxwell away from the seahawks.
Originally posted by goldlame2013:
Good post, but is Lattimore the answer?

i have my doubts, i rather get a eddie lacy type bruiser back.
the only thing i like to add is to use our players more on offense. I wanted to see more Hunter and LMJ out of the backfield.

Also, try to get an explosive PR or KR. We don't have one on our roster.
Originally posted by JR80Forever:
WR a BIG 6'3"+ 200lbs+ tough over the middle. Physical, Blocks well, strong. In the mold of Vincent Jackson.

OC that is Smart and excels at both Pass and Run Blocking. 6'3"+ 300lbs+. Smart, Physical, Strong. Alex Mack anyone?

RB Lattimore replaces Gore as the bell cow. Gore takes paycut and is a backup.

ILB Bow will play next season. In house replacement of either Wilhoite, Moody or Skuta.

CB that is physical. 6'1"+ big, physical, strong, disrupts routes, tackles well. Similar to Gilbert in the draft.

SS that excels at both the Run & Pass. Good coverage skills, tackles well, smart. Almost like having 2 FS's playing at the same time.

So I'd like a new starter at WR/OC/CB/SS

With Colin, Crabs and Aldon I would extend Aldon. Give him an incentive contract that also protects the team.

In Free Agency I would target OC Alex Mack

In the draft I'd target WR Mike Evans & CB Justin Gilbert

We don't need another slow Wr.
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