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Off Season Thoughts

Off Season Thoughts

Originally posted by crabman82:
Originally posted by tokash620:
I agree 100% with Crabman. We needed to score 7 on that opening possession to set the tempo of the game. Too many FG's instead of TD's. I think the play calling is predictable especially on 1st down. Was excited when we drafted LMJ but hasn't been used to show off his abilities. Kaep will get better but definitely need someone to back him up. Roman looks like a genius at times but those times are few and far between. Keep Crabtree. Try to re-sign Boldin for another year and draft a WR or two. Need secondary help. I believe there will be plenty of good free agents who would love to come and play for the 49ers so I think we will be good no matter what at the beginning of the 2014-2015 season.

it was like 4 times this year we went up 6-0 on teams instead of 10-0 or 14-0 and every single time we did that the other team responded with a td to make it 7-6. we just make it so much harder on ourselves then it has to be.

I had a horrible sinking feeling after that first FG but then they went up 10 zip and I thought...OK, that's a little better. But the Seahawks weren't getting in gear so I feared when they did...Oh well...what's done is done!
I think they need to make a change at OC and DC. Every time they get a lead they both get conservative. Ever since the other teams figured out how to stop the pistol and play option Roman doesn't seem to have a clue on how to make adjustments. About 80% of the time on first down with 8-9 guys in the box he tries to run Gore up the middle. Any high school coach will tell you it will not work. It seems like every time they get a turn over they always come out with nothing or a field goal. Every time they get in the red zone they become to predictable in the play calling. Harbaugh has a play sheet in his hands during the game and if he can't see what's going on then I blame him as much. Harbaugh needs to change Romans attitude on play calling or get rid of him. It's always been the same, you take what the defense gives you, and anybody that has studied Bill Walsh would know that. I've been a football fan for close to 60 years and I have never seen a team that doesn't use the screen play. Roman says the team is not built for that, Seriously! Make changes in those areas and this team will be hard to beat.
Re-sign Randy Moss
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I expect...

GORE - to be gone

Iupati - as much as I'd like to see him stay, i personally think that he'll sign some place else..

Boldin - one more year

Justin Smith - one more year

Crabtree - franchise

Rogers - gone

Whitmore - one more year

Brown - will sign w/ another team

Manningham - gone

Dorsey - contract extension
I think, when you look back on the entire season, you have to say this was a disappointing year for Kap's development. To my eye he's played the same game for the last eight weeks. Except last night he did it against a much better defense. REsult, 3 turnovers in 15 minutes to seal the loss.

Do I put it all on Kap? No. He didn't get much help from Roman. Absolutely atrocious job setting up the run for Frank. That really put every other aspect of our offense in the crapper. And because Roman's such a super genius, I expect him to be calling the corner fade 5 times a game now until he shows the world that, really, it was the right call. What an ass. Thanks for giving Richard Sherman a chance to have a great moment, then open his mouth and ruin it all.

Kap is not really that much farther along than he was in October in my opinion. He's still uncomfortable making 2nd 3rd reads -- it's the exception not the rule -- he sticks with his favorites too long, does not deliver in for the short passing game, does not seem to trust rookies, and did not really get Frank the ball through the air -- all season long. These are things I expect from a star qb -- someone who is not just an order taker in the grand roman machine. I think there's a reason crabs turned cold on him.

The whole chunk yardage offensive philosophy designed around kaps arm strength leaves me cold. Watching Seattle LB's spy on Kap most of the time, I thought we would set up Gore, Hunter, James for some easy yards with swing routes and delays. But no. More Roman supergenius. Why run a play for 5 yards, when you can run one for 20? Isn't 20 better? It's 15 better. I feel like I am watching a Spinal Tap offense.

One liability that I didn't expect with Kap was that he is frankly a klutz in the pocket. Low awareness of pressure, slow acceleration, little body control. He also has a hard time with the intangibles that great quarterbacks bring to the table -- the play fakes, pump fakes, looking off db's, figuring out the right touch to put on the ball to get it to target. Get's a lot of passes blocked too.

Based on his progress, evaluating this entire season, it's hard for me to envision this guy at this time next year scanning a variety of options on a regular basis, throwing a variety of balls accurately. Not in this offense. Can he get there? Maybe. I'm just saying that he didn't make the progress I was hoping for during the year.

He didn't get the job done against a very good Seattle D. Even with some miracle opportunities. Based on the last 10 weeks, if we were to play Seattle in a year, and
we were behind in the 4 th quarter, I wouldn't expect a different outcome. Laser lock instinct + little reaction to what is seen + mediocre delivery = turnover.

That equation won't change.

I believe in Jim Harbaugh's prescription of competition. I think we keep a 2nd or 3rd round option available for a young developing QB who has good eyes and a little shiftiness. See what happens.

The team we have is the team we have. A contender not a champion. We need to tinker a little more to get over the top -- starting with the O.

Also, losing Bowman will be very hard. We won't have the #2 or #3 defense in the NFL to keep us in games and score points our offense can't.

I think that's the real challenge.
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Starting with the following:

UnrestrictedWR Anquan Boldin--resign S Donte Whitner--resign for cheap or draft replacement CB Tarell Brown---resign OL Jonathan Goodwin---resign for cheap and draft for replacement K Phil Dawson---cheap resign only WR Mario Manningham----don't resign QB Colt McCoy----draft potential starter replacement if Kaep cannot learn to be a passer also WR Kassim Osgood---let walk CB Eric Wright--let walk RB Anthony Dixon---resign and convert to fullback

Restricted CB Perrish Cox---let walk DL Demarcus Dobbs--let walk

Exclusive rights LB Michael Wilhoite--resign to fill in for bowman for the first few weeks if needed

Injury goal: Get Bowman and Iupati healthy. And anyone else who is not healthy.

Free Agency: find someone who can take the role of Justin Smith and replace in a couple of years

The way I see 9ers draft needs:

Round 1, Pick X -draft dominant DT (run stopper like Bryant Young type with Bryant Young's early career pass rushing skills)
Round 2, Pick 24 (Chiefs) -draft WR (someone to take over for Boldin down the road and even be an upgrade)
Round 2, Pick X -draft CB (eventual replacement for Rogers)
Round 3, Pick 13 (Titans) -draft C (eventual replacement for Goodwin)
Round 3, Pick X -draft QB (to add another perspective to the offense as far as what works best a better passing type or runner type like Kaep)
Round 3, Pick X (Comp) Draft S- project replacement for whitner
Round 4, Pick X -draft DE
Round 5, Pick X -draft PR
Round 6, Pick X -pick
Round 7, Pick X (Saints) -pick
Round 7, Pick X (Panthers) -pick
Round 7, Pick X (Colts) -pick
Round 7, Pick X -pick

Hire Joe Montana to tutor Kaep to become a better passer (not just pocket passing presence, but all passing in general)

This would be my list for now, more to come.
harbaugh and roman should learn the heimlich manuever in case kaeprnick chokes again
Let Me do the Drafting, And Im not kidding. Keenan Allen woulda been a 49er at McDonald's spot at #55 overall. In this years draft, I really do think the team DOES need to trade up for Sammy Watkins. Give up a 1st, 2nd and 4th if he somehow slides passed #10. This 49er team LACKS explosive Plays!!
Goodwin needs to hit the road. LMJ too.
In the Draft, a Team HAS GOT to HIT on rounds 1-4 otherwise it sets you back a couple years for each blown draft. That's always been my philosophy. Hit on rounds 1-4 and you'll have a very talented roster. As far as rounds 5-7 that's a crap shoot.

Originally posted by pdizo916:
i really don't like how our corners are ten yards off their man when it's third down and 6. That's frustrating as hell.

It would be a huge improvement to get physical CBs that don't give receivers a free release off the LOS every snap. The current CBs must not be able to play that way.
Originally posted by ElephantHaley:
In the Draft, a Team HAS GOT to HIT on rounds 1-4 otherwise it sets you back a couple years for each blown draft. That's always been my philosophy. Hit on rounds 1-4 and you'll have a very talented roster. As far as rounds 5-7 that's a crap shoot.

I prefer trading the 1-4 rounders for more 6 and 7 round picks...JK!

Baalke has had much success and one semi bad year when the team didn't have many picks and had to reach. This year will be like last year where there are plenty of players to choose with the picks the niners have. 8 to 12 WRs who have talent, numerous DBs...I see this a possible informational year for our team by adding to last years young backups who will be pressing for starting jobs in a year or so.

Last years draft:
Reid--starter--did more than most expected this year
Carradine--rehab, eventual starter--replacement for Justin down the road?
McDonald--backup TE (2nd TE) needs work but showed a lot as a rookie
Lemonier--eventual starter--will push Aldon and be great rotational guy
Patton--became third WR, needs to add strength but is quick enough, good hands
Lattimore--rehab, eventual starter, love what I read about him and if Gore can come back from college injury?
Dial & Moody--solid backups
Okoye is still out there working...who knows?

That's a very solid draft!

This year they need to draft just as strong for:
WR--replace or back up Boldin (Patton is not as strong as Boldin--can he become so? Probably not in one off season)
WR--Speed/return (need a guy who can scare big DBs by taking them deep or just jetting across the middle)
SS--backup or replace Whitner (would love to see a young guy with Reid but is that enough experience at Safety?)
CB--add to youthful group (Morris, Brock & Culliver are all 25 or under)
OL--replacements for Goodwin, Iupati (age and injury make these guys questionable)
QB--back up with some upside
Originally posted by Gavintech:
Originally posted by Baldie:
1) I love Gore but we need to groom another RB now. Whether its Hunter or Lattimore....someone. Clearly with Seattle, Lynch was clearly the better running back.

I didn't realize Lynch was running against the same defense Gore was.
Look I love Gore, and I'm the last person to say he's done....but we need to groom his eventual replacement and maybe have a 50/50 workload. Both backs remain fresh through the season. He's not 25 anymore. Why they didn't give Gore that TD instead of Dixon is beyond me but I think Gore got dinged on the prior play.
Originally posted by fryet:
What changes do you think the 49ers should make to make them better next year. My number one change is to replace Frank Gore as the starting RB. He is a very smart player, but his body just isn't strong/fast enough anymore. I think it is time to see what our backups have, and see if they can carry the load. What changes would you make?

This team needs Sammy Watkins. He would be an ideal addition. Listen, sometimes you gotta gamble and roll the dice, I would give up a 1st, 2nd and a 2nd next year in order to move up for Sammy Watkins. Good size, speed and downfield skills that the 49ers offense lacks.
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