first off just wanna say thanks to the whole org. they provided a lot of really great moments the last 3 years. and without any second guessing or complaining i just wanna say thanks. they bust ass and i think they get hosed more than other teams to be perfectly honest, but still win more than lose.

god i hope bowman is ok. my heart wasnt in it after he went down. f**k.

seattle as a whole i have no problem with. however i have to vent on some things. to me: wilson still looks like a gay midget porn star, dick sherman is a classless crack smoking prick (strate outta comptun yo!), and golden tate just makes me roll my eyes every time i look at him. no amount of SB rings (if they even win) will ever change that.

finally, not letting it bug me. gonna hit some moonshine and watch some archer reruns, and hit tomorrow with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind!

and really, seriously, in all honesty, f**k seattles obnoxious t**t bandwagoners. the city will never be as good as SF so just stop it with the whole desperate to beat SF thing. EAD you losers. you didnt beat SF. your highly paid football team won a game with people not from the area, against the same. means nothing more than that and those who bandwagon onto it and desperately cling to it to justify or add meaning to their lives are f**king losers.

but, to the real fans of seattles team: i bet this is real fun for you and i hope you enjoy it. to bad you have to have such a huge prick on your team.