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I'm still proud of our team......

I'm proud as hell, too... Feel so bad for Bow...
I'm proud of the defense. Kept us in after Keap choked with turnovers. Not proud of the rest after choking 3 times in a row.
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Very interesting but with 47 seconds left and all time outs on the 20 yard line and QB keepers killing the defense......a throw into triple coverage tells a different story for a painful offseason.

Yeah, Kap on the run was killing them all day. I think they should've at least gone with it once or twice before throwing 50/50 balls to the endzone.
As I much as I hate the Seattle Seahawks and Richard Sherman in general, I'm not saying dump all over Kap, but I do believe old man Joe Montana was right. Kap is gonna have to learn better Pocket passing presence.
Yea im proud of the squad overall too.
great post stoney, sucks to lose, especially to the seadderrall seachickens and losing Bow and Lupati; can't wait for the season to start back up
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Great thread.

Love this team. They almost pulled it off and left everything on the field. Winning and losing is part of the game. They gave it all and that's all you can expect.

We will be back next year.
49ers rule....49er fan for life
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Originally posted by tatdwolf49:
Im a 49er til im 6ft deep maybe now all them bandwagen foolz will get off or get kicked off

THIS !!!!!!!!!! BRO !
Tough loss, but the future is damn bright.

Ya we are a great team were going to win it next year and seeing how hurt Sherman got I really hope we resign Crabtree even more
Damn proud. We're close. Just gotta upgrade Whitner, Rogers, Goodwin, Iupati. Kaep needs to continue his development and vision. Ton of draft picks. There will be some turnover this off-season but I'm very excited for the 10 years.
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Very proud. 3 years to make it this far consecutively!
Luv this team.

This year is a fail
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Always next year. At least 9ers have a QB that will take the 9ers to the play off's most seasons, but can they win a title?
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