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Call a Timeout

Harbaugh blew it

Same last play of the season two years in a row
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agree, should have called timeout, then kap forces it with 22 secodns left and 2 timeouts. smart
Not used to having timeouts at the end of the half or game, so didn't know what to do with them
Could we have called a TO, leaving us with one? Sure and I think we probably should have but that did not lose us the game. If Kap completed a pass inbounds our last TO would have to be used (likely as we were at the 18) and a scramble inbounds or sack ends the game pretty much. I don't mind that we held the TO, we had their defense reeling. My problem is throwing that ball in double coverage, in the endzone against their best corner. Also locking in to Crabs on the play because he released it immediately and didn't look to check down. Did not have to throw the ball there, even throw it away and live to fight.
no you want to keep the TO. if you wanted to spike it that is fine, but an offensive penalty with how little time was on the board would be devastating with only 1 TO.
THROW IT AWAY! It wasn't there and it was 1st down with 2 timeouts! Middle of the field is still useable. Had em where we wanted em...que Dennis Green.
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