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Inside source:if we lose Sunday, Roman is going to Cleveland

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I know I know everyone will want proof but I cannot furnish it.

My buddy works in the offices for browns and he told me it was a fact that their decision makers have a hard on for Roman and anything 49ers. They want to play it close to their vest but if we lose they will jump all over Roman.

Sorry we discussed over the phone.
My Buddy from Akron said the Browns want Seattle OC
My buddy is a waterboy for the team and told me that actually Mike Singletary is the leading candidate to be their next HC
  • rtj03
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Who knows what really is true but he is a friend and said he knew it as true.
I could see that. Roman would be a good hire for Cleveland.
Roman also went to John Carroll University in Ohio. So there is a local connection.
Who in their right mind would take that toxic job after how they handled Chudzinski?
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Lol "inside sources"...And if they love Roman why wouldn't they hire him if we win?
so if i understand your inside poop, if niners win sunday the browns wont want roman
Originally posted by Hoovtrain:
Who in their right mind would take that toxic job after how they handled Chudzinski?

This doe.
Makes sense. The only news is that people are insisting on withdrawing their name from consideration for the Brown's HC job, so the Brown's have probably already targeted someone and are now waiting for one of the final 4.

If Roman leaves, he'll be back in 2-3 years.
Reports are that many coaches in the league view the Cleveland job like the plague. They are going to have a hard time getting a quality hire. Similar to the Raiders job. Dysfunction at every corner.
God Cleveland sucks at everything. Even Lebron left and that was his hometown lol