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Ahmad Brooks "Jumper"

I can't stand aikman. His rhetoric was annoying. Chris Collinsworth has said why he dislikes the team because his team could never win against them. Understandable but he still calls the game with an unbiased view and gives respect where respect is due. Aikman is a straight up hater.
Originally posted by LoneWolf:
No, hangover and a headcold. I do think Aikmen and Buck provided enough verbal diarhea for everyone watching though.

"Head cold" is two words. Also, it's spelled, "diarrhea." And it's "Aikman," not "Aikmen."

I only get to see Brooks when he comes to Seattle and every time I see him I swear he is going to get an offsides penalty. I don't know if it is Jedi mind tricks or what, but that guy lives in the neutral zone and gets away with it.

Im not complaining.
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