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Niner fan pastor on hurry-up offense this morning
This is f**king hilarious
that HAS to be fake. All the religious nuts would want his head on a stick.

if it's real, I wanna be part of that congregation.
It's real. He's my friend's brother, and, from what I understand, his congregation loves him. It's a tight-knit community and I guess he's earned a free pass. But honestly, it's the NINERS... in the PLAYOFFS. I mean, it's understandable! Just goes to show being religious doesn't necessarily mean you have to go off the deep end. Honestly though, he's a cool guy. He DJs for the local radio station-- eclectic stuff. An all around pillar of the community. AND a Niner fan. Grew up in the Sunset.
hey soos loves him

That is amazing. I want to go to that church.
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