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Joel McHale ‏@joelmchale6m
It's on @alisonbrie. #GoSeahawks #Seahawksvs49ers

Alison Brie ‏@alisonbrie
@joelmchale Yes. It. Is. #GoNINERS
Originally posted by blunt_probe:
They're actually not allowing us to buy tickets. Pete the Cheat always finding a way to cheat.

Thats what I thought. Read that somewhere earlier. Is that even legal? Can the NFL say something about that?
Originally posted by Baldie:
Originally posted by bigmur49:
Originally posted by Baldie:
Well we can count on no RED jersey's in Seattle, didn't they ban ticket sells to SF fans?

There will be a lot of Niner fans coming down from Vancouver. During the glory days the "local team" in the NFC was the Niners so we got all of their broadcasts. The Niners (also because of winning 5 rings) became the team for a lot of bandwagon guys

but will they be able to get tickets?

Seahawks can ban out of town purchase ..ticket master and stub hub wont
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seattle isn't that good. they've engineered a stadium that gives them a blatantly unfair advantage, and is unsportsmanlike behavior for this nfl team. it hurts the integrity of the league. just examine seattle's home and away record over time; it shows the truth of seattle's wrongdoing. shame on the nfl for allowing this.
Originally posted by PRIMETIME21:
that and NO turnovers, we always turn the ball over up there, protect the friggin football.

When we played them last year Kap went deep to Mario on second play. Mario had beaten the safety but the throw just just overthrown. If we hit that it is a totally different game. But we didn't then had a s**t punt and 15 yard penalty. They started at our 30.
Originally posted by IdahoNiner:
Originally posted by Toughniner:
It. is going to be tough, very tough...

As good as GB and Carolina's Defense were. Carolina's front seven is great. They didn't have quality corners like the Seahawks. And the front seven of the Seahawks is not bad either..

I hate loud mouth Sherman and Chewing Gum Carroll.

And i hope, the Niners will win and show more class than today (Kaep's mocking, AB's trash talking and the fake punt)

Seriously? LOL....Carolina was so classy right?

f**k that noise. This team is a bully and i hope it continues to act like it.

Yeah, a team like Seattle has to be bullied. They'll try to do the same to us. We gotta maintain this fire!
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Not selling tickets to Californians... seriously?!
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old news.
scared scared scared!!!!
I am not going to kid you, we have played three straight brutal slug-fests. This game is important for every reason imaginable. Seattle is a helluva a ball club. Dislike them, recognize that they, just like everyone we have played the past three weeks, is good enough to beat us. But we win this.

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Originally posted by Baldie:
Thats what I thought. Read that somewhere earlier. Is that even legal? Can the NFL say something about that?

i remembered in 2006 at the pats vs chargers game, SD refused to sell tickets to ppl in the new england area.
Originally posted by Baldie:
but will they be able to get tickets?

They are allowed based on the report before. Whether that will account for any actual presence is another thing. When I have been to regular season games in the past there are always a couple thousand niner fans but it doesn't change anything. Just gets a beer dumped on you.
I'm a Seahawk fan...born and raised in Washington State. But I just watched the Niner's beat the Panthers - and I have to say....very good job, guys. Damn good job. I've been watching you....and your team has done a fantastic job of winning while on the road. I think this game this next weekend is going to be memorable.

P.S. Colin has a very well done advertisement for earphones in the middle of this game. I have never been to the "welcoming" of the players' busses...but if this ad depicts Seahawks fans realistically? As in they meet your bus and throw things at you and scream at you? Please tell me this was just for the commercial. I would be ashamed to think it were true behavior. I truly hope not. And I thought that commercial was very moving - even for me as a Seahawks fan. one hint I will tell your team.......I have always been able to tell when you are going to lose. Colin wears it on his face and in his eyes. You can see it (just like I could tell when he was going to beat us). Tell him...... He's like the ball - he follows his eyes.

Very best to all of you. . Much respect....
I wonder if secret agent Cox learned anything from his week in Seattle lol
Originally posted by Jcool:
Joel McHale ‏@joelmchale6m
It's on @alisonbrie. #GoSeahawks #Seahawksvs49ers

Alison Brie ‏@alisonbrie
@joelmchale Yes. It. Is. #GoNINERS

niners have the cutest female fan base in the nfl
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