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Predicting 49ers vs Panthers Game

Hey, I know we will never know what will happen until it happens but let's get some serious predictions in Qb stats, turnovers, and scores ..
I know we can just wait but this is fun to guess haha.
FG battle

Good guys 16
Bad guys 9
newton 3ints 34-3 niners
We win with 12 fgs by Dawson.
Bicep kisses 2
Superman move 1
49ers 16
Panthers 3
20-10 niners
26-16 Niners
42-3, panthers.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
42-3, panthers. at 1:59
27-17 niners
79% have picked the Niners to win
27 - 10
Niners. Period.
21 17 Niners

Kaep plays like s**t and gets all the credit.