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How many of you 49ers fans love this era !

How many of you 49ers fans love this era !

This era is just getting started. Give it a few years before you make comparisons to the "golden age."
Originally posted by 21SandersMoss84:
I miss the era when QBs weren't coddled.

But as far as 49er football goes, the Harbaugh era will only be measured by Championships. I've been a die hard through all 5 trophies and that's what I expect from JH. So far, Harbs is giving me the confidence that he has what it takes to deliver.

I don't even feel it is accurate to say QBs are coddled. Only the media-dubbed elite QBs are coddled today. If you watch teams with the lesser QBs you'll see that those guys get the hell beat out of them and then if you watch the Patriots, Packers, Saints, and Broncos it is practically illegal to even hit the QB. I'm surprised the guy who broke Rodgers collarbone didn't get suspended. When he hit Rodgers cleanly in week 17 he was penalized because he hit Rodgers again. LOL, that is just ridiculous. I miss that era too, this version of the NFL is almost unwatchable because they practically hand the wins to the elite QBs. When a 37 year old with a significantly weaker arm than his younger self throws for the most yards and TDs in NFL history it is time to rethink those damn rules of making it illegal to even think about hitting the elite QB.
No QB gets beaten up like QB's did during the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. Montana was taken to the hospital during a playoff game in New York. There were no flags. He got the crap beat out of him many times. Same with Young. And has anyone ever seen what LT did to Joe Theisman? It's very hard to watch. When I was a kid watching them at Kezar, Brodie would be literally limping off the field with a bloody mouth, a bloody nose and probably holding his arm which was also bleeding.
the harbs era has been great. although i'm still not totally used to owning the packers yet. they beat us down so much with the one exception in the playoffs in 1998 that it still seems a bit sureal. favre owned young, and kaepernick owns rodgers, what a reversal.
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Originally posted by kray28:
Of course I like that we are winning....but the Dynasty era teams were more fun to watch.

You can't beat Eddie D and no salary cap, and those back to back HOF QBs weren't bad either.
Enough with the ERA already.
harbaugh era > singletary/nolan error
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Best era because of Leeds isn't it? Without that partnership it wouldn't have been very good.

Like if you agree MOT
I love that we are one of the only teams that plays football like the nfl i remember growing up. With all the rule changes it's so difficult to have defense be your ticket to success. Watching the rest of the league play Madden and then watching us play our games in 2 hours and 40 minutes, I'm thrilled this is my team. Not to mention, I trust Trent/Jed/Jim to put a product on the field I can be proud of. We have not had personality troubles, attitude or selfishness. Aldon's situation stands alone as our trouble with a player and law. Aldon is a unique talent who could get a second outlook on life and become even better and we're all routing for him.

Originally posted by 49ERSMASTERFAN:
Best era because of Leeds isn't it? Without that partnership it wouldn't have been very good.

Like if you agree MOT

It just keeps getting better and better for the 49er fans they must be over the moon with this new partnership! One day with a bit of luck they might even be as famous as the mighty whites.
This strategic partnership with Leeds United just edges it to make this era the best.

Originally posted by JD9671:
I love coach and our GM and owner ! and QB ! Ck all day ! I hate 49ers hater ! This may team !!!!

Easy question to ask, did you post this under Nolan or Sing's watch
Originally posted by swayze:
Is this a BuzzB competition??

buzz has way more swag
OP must be young...
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