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Would you trade Jim harbaugh to Miami?

Would you trade Jim harbaugh to Miami?

What is this ridiculousness?
Hell no.
And yet another stupid thread in NT.

No, No, and Hell to the muthafuccing NOOOO!


Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
Well, Al Davis sold one to Tampa for 2 firsts, 2 seconds, and a third or something ridiculous like that. Problem was Tampa coach wasn't worth trading for, but I forgot who it was now.

Well, we're not the Raiders and we're a better organization than them. So, Hell Fuccing No!
Coaching's important. How important?

Consider that we were a middle-of-the-road team under Mike Nolan and Singletary. With roughly the same roster, Harbaugh went 13-3 in his first season, without a training camp. He followed that up with a Super Bowl berth and a 12-4 playoff season this year.

Andy Reid took over a 2-14 team and, after trading for a legitimate quarterback, was able to go 11-5 in his first year.

A good coach is huge if the roster is talented.
8% said yes.

Well, that's better than 23% of our fans that rather go to Seattle than play at home.
Originally posted by Raul98:
I don't care if they gave us 4 first round picks F that for what a talented team that goes 8-8 like the Singletary era no way horrible idea.

I don't care if they give us every first round pick for the next 200 years.

Ok, I take that back. I don't care if they give us every first round pick for the next 20 years.
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Some people just want to watch the Webzone burn.

Originally posted by LBSI9ers:
So there aren't anymore great coaches out there? Saban? Jimmy Johnson?

Saban? LMFAO! This isn't college numb nuts!!
Originally posted by HessianDud:
When Tony Sparano was coaching the Dolphins, Ross made a strong bid to land Jim Harbaugh as head coach (Harbaugh was at Stanford at the time), and through that process, Harbaugh spoke very highly of Gamble, who was a personnel exec with the 49ers. Had Harbaugh taken the Dolphins job, there is a good chance Gamble would have been his GM. Now, Harbaugh is mired in a power struggle with GM Trent Baalke, and it remains to be seen if Harbaugh will get a massive contract extension -- and more control of the roster -- or if he will coach out his contract and become a free agent.

lol. LaCanfora. What a f**kwad.
good hard coaches are hard to find. Ask the raiders this....
Love how Harbaugh was mentioned by almost everyone in that stupid nfl article as one of the only coaches worth trading for. Everyone knows Harbaugh is the best coach in the NFL. I don't think anyone would give more than a 4th for Pete the Cheat
who voted yup?
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