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The future of our CB`s in San Fran?

Originally posted by 49erTravis:
I like Culliver and he has made some big plays, But he has also yielded some as well. Projecting how a player will come back after a serious injury is like predicting how a reoccurring hemorrhoid is going to respond, You just never know!

The problem I see is that rookie corners rarely succeed in the NFL. If we are relying on a rookie then we might be in big trouble.

I don't think that's the case. I can think of at least three Niner corners who came in and did real good right from the start. Obviously, Lott and Wright in '81 were corners and they both made the pro bowl. Eric Davis also did very well as a rookie. This season, Milner came in and did well, Trufant did okay for the Falcons and of course Cooper, who we let get away, did very well for KC. Last year, Janoris Jenkins was good right off the bat for the Rams. Remember, I'm talking about a 1st or 2nd round pick I think they'll spend on what I figure to be one of the top corners in the draft.
I see rogers definitely gone..not mad about it either..tho I wish he would sign cheap he will not so I see brown gone..brock resigned which is great bc he is only getting better..culliver will be back and if he is 100% healthy that's a rather wright back on a 1 yr deal instead of we have brock culliver and wright..with we are all hoping Justin gilbert and say a 5th round pick or a cheap vet like say a quinton jammer on a 1 yr deal..

starting lcb nickel starting rcb
Gilbert Culliver brock
bench 5th rd pick or vet,,
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