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What is the preffered Play-Off Scenario for you, providing we beat Carolina ?

What is the preffered Play-Off Scenario for you, providing we beat Carolina ?

about a month ago i looked at the nfc picture and decided if we're the 5th, i wanted carolina to catch and pass new orleans and get the #2 seed. that happened, my scenario already unfolded, now its just time to sit back and enjoy the show.
Got to beat the best to be the best. Seattle is the #1 seed.
Saints luck out and win so they can lose to us in San fransisco
Originally posted by socalniner:
Got to beat the best to be the best. Seattle is the #1 seed.

no sure if srs question. ONE MORE HOME GAME AT THE STICK!
This might be the worst topic ever. Let's see, play the NFC title game at home against New Orleans or go on the road to the toughest environment against a team that is nearly unbeatable on their home turf. I'll really have to think about this one before I vote.
I just realized that the road to the Super Bowl is a path of vengence, since we've lost to all the teams that remain in the NFC. I love it!
Originally posted by ayetee:
Originally posted by sacninesixteen:
Who are these 19% that voted to play in Seattle than against an inferior Saints team at the Stick??

Originally posted by Imfasterthanur:
Man, do we have some irrational brethren on this board. haha

"We choose to go to... (Seattle) ...and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win..."

I know it is only a game, but that really is why.

I can respect that, and if it came to the point of having to travel to Seattle, then I would embrace it completely -- but it's also a romanticized idea.

Looking at it logically, after already traveling to a tough venue in Arizona for the season finally, after already facing a tough opponent in Lambeau field, and after having to travel to a tough opponent in Carolina -- given that we win and actually had a choice -- practical reasoning tells me we ought to have a NFC conference championship at home -- for the last time EVER.

I want a 6th ring, and I'm sure you 19% do too, but I want the route which offers the highest probability to do so. It's a tough sport, so at the end of the day, if the team hypothetically were to win a championship, I guarantee that no one with a logical mind would say, "damn, we won, but I really wish we played Seattle first to stick it to them". Screw Seattle, I'm all for the best interest of my team; I just want to win.
If you want to make this about seattle, If you want your revenge in Seattle we will play them next year there (and the year after that and so on) but honestly who cares they can keep beating us in the regular season but if they keep loosing in the playoffs before they meet up with us that is to their embarassment. They did it last year to Atlanta, if they do it this year to the saints thats their loss and embarassment. I think there is just as much embarrassment (if not more) in them loosing to a team we beat to go on and win the SB as their is in loosing to us. Whatever embarrases them and their fan base the most is what I want but that is if I am focussing on Seattle our arch enemey.

In all honesty as a die hard Niners fan and focusing on that alone it only matters that we win this week, and then win next week, and then win 2 weeks after that. even if you want to make it about the sea hawks this make it so we win out and they loose at some point. At the end of it all this is all that is going to matter in 2 years how we got their wont be remembered or even matter in hardly anyones mind. All that will be remembered is we Got our 6th SB. and Harbaugh will be a SB winning coach and Kaepernick will be known as a SB winning QB. And all the players that have put sweat and blood into this team for years (Gore, J. Smith, P. Willis, V. Davis) will all be known as SB champs and the team will be known as the first team in decades to have suffered a SB loss in one season and then come back to redeemed themself as SB champs in the next. Thats all that really matters. AS long as we win out and everyone else looses. Thats what History will remember is the Niners as 2014 champs.

If the seahawks loose to the saints thats to thier embarassment but as long as we beat who evers next I could careless.
So dont get it twisted the only game that matters is the next one. Bring on Carolina and i hope we win. Then its who's next.
A lot of teams struggle against Hawks at home. I don't even want to take that chance at all. I have no problem Seahawks coming down here to play 49ers at SF but up there? I just don't know. Besides, it'll be a great send off for Candlestick anyways if they beat the Saints at home and go on to the Super Bowl.

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Well if the Romance of Beating the Seattle Seahawks at home is not enough for you, how bout this, The last 3 NFC Championships have been won by the Visiting team.
I'd rather play the f**k DAT nation.
I really don't care how it happens, just want the 49ers to get to the Super Bowl. It would be great to go into Seattle and beat them in their own house because that will be their worst nightmare with all of the trolling their fans have done since the game in Seattle last season. They pretty much declared themselves Super Bowl champions because of that one game, so it would be great to crush their souls. But.. if the Saints win, thats fine too
I'd rather beat the Seahawks in Seattle, but that's also a lot less likely to happen. Saints are a better match-up for us, and playing at home is a hell of a lot more favorable than playing in C-Link. So, beating Seattle would be more satisfying, but also less likely. Sort of a high-risk, high-reward scenario.
Originally posted by Bluesbro:
I would rather not see the Hawks again personally.

seriously? they are not that good.... the D is good however when you dont have Crabs in the game it is easier for them
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