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Tomsula, Fangio, and Roman...what if ?

Originally posted by NeeJ49er:
Geep Chryst will be OC

Ed Donatell will be DC much as I dont want Fangio leaving, something tells me he is more sought after than Roman?

I wouldnt be shocked if all 3 left , lot of teams are hoping our mojo will rub off on their squads

Something tells you? Like the fact he has been rumored to be a head coach for about 3 years now and has had nearly a dozen interviews while Fangio has had one? If the 49ers lose Sunday, Roman will be the next HC in Minnesota or Washington. If they advance, those jobs may get filled. Fangio is not going anywhere.
If I'm a HC candidate, Skins job would scare me w/Snyder.

If I'm Detroit I'd go after Roman and I hope he takes Morton with him.
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I will literally cry if Tomsula leaves. That said, he may have already developed backups in Carradine, Dial and possibly Okoye and as long as we have veterans such as Smith and McDonald to "train them" we may not feel that loss immediately. Plus Ian will be back as well.

On the flip side, what OC or DC wouldn't be salivating FIGHTING to get those jobs with all the talent/character we have on both sides of the ball. And that is before the draft and FA! Holy cow. I don't care who you are, you WILL be successful right out of the gate.

Agree with this for sure!

Yep +1
Wheres the Singletary peeking gif when you need it?
Losing coaches is a foregone conclusion. OTOH Seattle's coaching staff getting cherry picked as well.
Originally posted by NorthNiner:
I could see Roman getting hired by an owner that's known to make mistakes, like Snyder.

Interesting thing.....

While there are similarities between RG3/Morris and Kaepernick/Gore, our lines are completely different. Roman couldn't (from what I'm told) run the same playbook in DC like he can in SF.

Of course if he really is the genius he could customize. We'll see.
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Wheres the Singletary peeking gif when you need it?

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