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Kevin McDermott, Bubba Ventrone appreciation thread.

Originally posted by maxl49:
Seing Bubba tackle Golden Douche at the 15 on the last Seahawks drive was one of the highlight of that game for me.

he prefers to go by golden taint
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Is Jennings in the NFL?
I miss BJ and he's cool on KNBR. I thought FOR SURE he would get another gig. Maybe he did and turned it down.

I'm going to miss calling him a "psycho killer"

Bubba has a beautiful flowing mullet lol

Seely got his guys.

McDermott hasn't made any mistakes I've noticed so he is obviously competent. Another 10 years in the league lol.

Baalke knows how to do it, even if he might miss one or two (Jenkins)
Originally posted by AB81Rules:
STs in general need to appreciated.

Lee with a great Hold, McDermott with a great snap, and the clutch Dawson for the game winning FG.

Not to mention all year, Osgood, Ventrone, Spillman, Brock, Dixon, even Dahl has been good. Morris, Reid, Cox, Tukuafu in the 2 weeks, and wild card game, STs has improved amazingly. Also dont forget Skuta and Lemoneir, both as ST and OLBs. Both seem like keepers beyond 2014 IMO.

Defensive wise, Brock stepped up and got a well deserved contract extension, Bowman looked like a DPOY Candidate, Willis was his usual self, not spectacular, but still a tackling machine. Brooks for an all pro, pro bowl year, Aldon for coming back strong from his off the field issues. Whitner for helping Reid, and getting better in coverage, maybe Goldson was the weak link at Safety. Reid for being an Pro Bowl like FS. Justin Smith for playing the year, I believe all 16 games, a wear and tear on the old Cowboy's body. Not to mention McDonald playing through injuries, and not forgetting Dorsey, need to keep him past 2014.

On offense, the OL, Boone, Iupati, Staley, Davis, Goodwin, Kilgore, and Snyder all played great, Gore was amazing, still has it. Bruce Miller, tough he got hurt, but he was lights out, deserves an extension. Boldin for being the go to guy for Kap. Vernon for his 12 TDs, monster year. Kap for coming back after tough games. Crabs for the games he played after a bad injury, hope he is locked up this offseason.

And yes, the Coaches and Front Office. They got deals done quick and fast.

Not dissapointed by anyone to be honest. All played and did their job to the level they should have.

Only tough break was Ian Williams, the OG should of been flagged and fined, and Manningham, hated to see him not 100% back. And Cully was a huge loss in the preseason. Other than that, we were a healthy team.

Great post AB!
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