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Kevin McDermott, Bubba Ventrone appreciation thread.

Kevin McDermott has had a fantastic year. As many 49er fans I was upset when Brian Jennings was cut and thought the team made a big mistake. Since the beginning of the year I've watched his snaps on punts, field goals and extra points and can't remember one being close to off center. This guy can live the dream for the next ten years. When I first watched Bubba Ventrone during pre-season games I thought what is this guy doing on the team, he'll be cut before the next game. He's short, kind of stubby, and only plays special teams. Then I'm watching kickoff and punt coverage and this guy never gives up, he keeps coming at you. He's Vince Papale from the movie Invincible. Lastly, I have to mention Kassim Osgood, he's a star, definitely not under the radar.
Should change it to the ST appreciate thread because minus Dawson they don't have one. Osgood and Spillman have been aces. Ventrone has been good and I agree early on looked like he had no business on the team. Hopefully McDermott can do what Jennings did for a long time. So far so good. I know a lot of us were some what against having so many ST players as it hurt the other parts of the roster but it has paid off. I was fine with the emphasis although I thought at the time we went 1-2 too many players.
How about we dont mention McDermott until AFTER the season is completed. If your LS is doing well, ignore it. The mark of an elite LS is how few people even know their name.
Now McDermott needs to develop a face profile as prolific as Jennings:

Our special teams have been lights out and after we were ripped last year with big runs and TD returns, I'm glad this staff put so much emphasis on improving that unit this year.
Good post!

The hard work on ST has really paid off. I hope we can keep these guys.
Special teams makes a huge difference
Good post these players have been invaluable for this season. ST needed help and HarBallke got them.
No one believed me. Everyone called me crazy. BUT, i was one of the few that called this move even before the draft. I predicted we would draft him in the 7th. He went UDFA, but we got him. Then i predicted he would challenge Jennings and had a real shot at taking his roster spot.

This and Lattimore were about the only two pickups i was on my game about though last year. Actually i think i ended up changing that third round pick from Lattimore to Knile Davis before the draft.

I was right about a lot of guys, just none were picked by the 49ers.
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thank you so much for fixing the special ed teams of last year and even solidifying a area that was not broken with our new young long snapper. thanks to the front office for not paying attention to some people here who were upset because we were investing so much in "only special teams players" dahl has also done well on special teams and of course the co heads of the rattlesnake in dawson and lee

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i love bubba ventrone!!
Originally posted by VaBeachNiner:
Now McDermott needs to develop a face profile as prolific as Jennings:

Looks a bit like the Bobby Maxwell character from the movie 'The Enforcer'

Dude, HUGE props to the aforementioned as well as Dawson, Brock, Brown, Reid, and other unsung hero's such as Cox, Tukuafu, Gore (big time pass protection and 11 yard catch on the final drive; runs), Dixon on his nice catch/RAC, etc. Total team win on this one.

PS: Called Kevin McDermott and it was a bitter/sweet call.
STs in general need to appreciated.

Lee with a great Hold, McDermott with a great snap, and the clutch Dawson for the game winning FG.

Not to mention all year, Osgood, Ventrone, Spillman, Brock, Dixon, even Dahl has been good. Morris, Reid, Cox, Tukuafu in the 2 weeks, and wild card game, STs has improved amazingly. Also dont forget Skuta and Lemoneir, both as ST and OLBs. Both seem like keepers beyond 2014 IMO.

Defensive wise, Brock stepped up and got a well deserved contract extension, Bowman looked like a DPOY Candidate, Willis was his usual self, not spectacular, but still a tackling machine. Brooks for an all pro, pro bowl year, Aldon for coming back strong from his off the field issues. Whitner for helping Reid, and getting better in coverage, maybe Goldson was the weak link at Safety. Reid for being an Pro Bowl like FS. Justin Smith for playing the year, I believe all 16 games, a wear and tear on the old Cowboy's body. Not to mention McDonald playing through injuries, and not forgetting Dorsey, need to keep him past 2014.

On offense, the OL, Boone, Iupati, Staley, Davis, Goodwin, Kilgore, and Snyder all played great, Gore was amazing, still has it. Bruce Miller, tough he got hurt, but he was lights out, deserves an extension. Boldin for being the go to guy for Kap. Vernon for his 12 TDs, monster year. Kap for coming back after tough games. Crabs for the games he played after a bad injury, hope he is locked up this offseason.

And yes, the Coaches and Front Office. They got deals done quick and fast.

Not dissapointed by anyone to be honest. All played and did their job to the level they should have.

Only tough break was Ian Williams, the OG should of been flagged and fined, and Manningham, hated to see him not 100% back. And Cully was a huge loss in the preseason. Other than that, we were a healthy team.
Seing Bubba tackle Golden Douche at the 15 on the last Seahawks drive was one of the highlight of that game for me.
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