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Credit to Green Bay

They fought hard and didn't fold the way I expected.

Great game.
hats off to them that was a hell of a hard fought game
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They fought hard but the refs made some horrendous no calls, the PI on Crabs twice in the end-zone and the holding that allowed Rodgers to get out of that sure sack and convert the long 3rd down.
but f**k these trolls on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
f**k them. They got lucky with a home game in that piece of s**t
i agree they got away with some stuff but we got away with a little PI too and a push off or two. thats just how they call s**t in the playoffs. the niners have to play like theyre not gonna get those calls after last years bogus superbowl.
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lol @ class.

Get that s**t out of here.
i expected that they come out like that at their house, never thought in a million years they would hold us under 30 points with that s**tty defense.
Please. How about hats off to the refs?

They tried their damndest to give this one to the Packers.
Shades of Brett Farve. Looks like a role reversal. Used to be Brett Farve that drove the 49er's crazy and they just couldn't beat him.

Now the roles have reversed and Colin does to the Packers as what Brett Farve used to do to the 49er's.

Congrats Niners!
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Without a doubt, great game by the Packers.
The Packers came to play, that's undeniable.

But really give credit to the Niners for overcoming a very spirited Packers defense, and of course Rogers. But I do need to say the Niners had to overcome a God awful officiating crew. The refs did let the teams play but there were instances with Packers DBs literally tackling Niners receivers. That is ridiculous.
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Very happy with the win but we can keep missing redzone opportunities.
F*ck the packers. They were holding all day and still couldn't win.
Great organization! Even better fanbase. Kudoes!
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