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Please, both Atlanta and the Cards could have easily beat us, it came down to two clutch plays at the very end that lifted us to a W. Better teams (Panthers, Seahawks) would have beaten us.

And if the pass rush continues to regress and is a no show, we'll be watching the Super Bowl at home. Heck, one of the big reasons our 6th Lombardi isn't in the trophy case is because our pass rush went AWOL, Fluko had all day to throw and lit up our secondary.

I'm very concerned and I'm just hoping this was a temporary dip and they'll bounce back next Sunday. We need them to be 100% !

man please what is this easily beat us nonsense? lmao
we should have blown them out. and if the offense didn't stall we would have. remember it was 17-0? we got a turnover remember?

the panthers put up 10 points how are they going to score?

the seahawks put up 3 scoring drives

when we don't turn the ball over we in. that's as simple as it gets.

the defense is fine. i guess we're going to act like we didn't beat the falcons who played the game like it was their mission to ruin our season... and who the panthers beat by 1 point.

and the cardinals fresh off of beating the seahawks. winning 7 out of 8 games.. a 10 win team #1 rush defense in the nfl and you're talking about better teams? lol

we lost the super bowl because the defense wasn't play well in 1st half's last season simple as that.

and we were injured up front.

both of those things aren't true for this run.

and we lost because we didn't run the ball 3 straight times from the 5 yard line.

that's why we lost

^^^This.... nobody will "easily beat us" first of all and the only way we lose is if we lose the turnover battle (Seahawks and Colts) or just flat out stall on offense (Panthers and Saints) and the Packers do not have a defense that will consistenly make us stall out on offense. Doesn't matter how many yards a team throws for (Falcons with 4 Pro Bowlers; AZ with Palmer the only QB to throw for over 4,000 yards on three different teams and two 1,000 yard WRs), if those teams aren't piling on points, it's irrelevant